Friday the 13th part 7: The New BloodAs you all know Paramount has been releasing the Friday the 13th series on DVD with releasing two movies a year.  Each year the fans cry out wanting a special edition.  There were many petitions trying to get Paramount to release part 7 in a totally uncut form.  Paramount knew exactly what we wanted and what do they give us?  They decided to downgrade this DVD from the previous releases of parts 5 and 6.  They give us the same quality DVD as the two from last year, but this year we don’t get a trailer.

The picture and sound quality on this DVD is really good.  We get a widescreen transfer of this movie and the movie is very clear.  It is much more clear than the VHS.  For the sound, it’s pretty good, but nothing special.  Still it’s an improvement over the VHS, but nothing to really brag about.

For the special features Paramount really does know what we want.  I find myself saying that with all the releases.  Anyway, Paramount heard us complaining about wanting an uncut release and what do they do?  They give us the R rated version, just like in the VHS.  Also for this years set of releases, they decided that they didn’t want to at least give us trailers.

Paramount has done it again with another wasted release.  The fans are still waiting for their box set and this DVD just doesn’t please.  If Paramount is sitting there seeing how well the sales do on these bare bones releases then they are going to miss out on a great opportunity to give the fans what we want with an uncut box set.  Not very many people are going to buy these releases.  Sure, there will be sales for these films.  I am sure the sales will turn out pretty good, but a box set would be huge and the fans want that.  Since Paramount has the material to give us what we want, and knew exactly what we wanted and ignored us I have to give this lame DVD a 1 out of 10.

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Posted on June 3, 2008

Category : Reviews


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