Freddy vs. JasonFreddy has returned to Elm Street, but no one remembers him so he decides to wake up the legendary killer Jason Voorhees.  Freddy plans on using Jason to make the people on Elm Street think that Freddy is back.  When Freddy realizes that his plan wasn’t a good idea and Jason starts to kill Freddy’s victims, Freddy decides that there can only be room for one of them.

The movie opens with Freddy Krueger and his flashback to when he was a child murderer.  Freddy’s life story soon flashes through and we see that the parents of Elm Street had murdered Freddy.  Next we get clips from some of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies up to where we learn of Freddy’s plan.  Meanwhile, a girl is going skinny dipping and is soon attacked by Jason Voorhees.  She runs through the woods only to be caught by Jason and brutally killed.  She then starts to talk to Jason and a moment later Jason’s mother is in front of him telling him that it’s time for him to wake up, but this time go to Elm Street.  Of course, that wasn’t Jason’s mother.  Instead, it was Freddy Krueger.  When Lori Campbell’s Dad is out of town, she decides to bring a few friends over, and they bring a few guys.  Lori doesn’t want these people at her house, but decides to let them stay.  Soon, one of them is brutally murdered and now the people of Elm Street start to think that Freddy is back.  Meanwhile at a psychiatric ward, Will, Lori’s old boyfriend, learns of a murder that happened at Lori’s house.  He thinks that Lori’s Dad killed her, so he and a friend escape.  Once Will and his friend catch up with Lori, his friend lets everyone know about Freddy.  Since Freddy had been gone for so long, the locals had decided to lock away everyone who knew of Freddy’s existence and kept them on a dream drug.  Now that Will’s friend let’s everyone know that Freddy’s back, he can now haunt the dreams of his children on Elm Street.  While Freddy tries to build up his strength, he soon realizes that resurrecting Jason wasn’t such a good idea because now Jason is stealing all of Freddy’s kills.

I had heard nothing but great things about this movie before seeing it, and it still managed to live up to my expectations.  I didn’t spoil much in the previous paragraph because most of that stuff happens within the first 10 to 15 minutes of the movie.  Ken Kirzinger does a pretty good job as Jason.  Freddy vs. Jason plays more like a Nightmare on Elm Street flick, with Jason in it, instead of a Friday the 13th.  Even though this movie feels more like a Nightmare on Elm Street flick, Jason is the one killing all the characters.  I loved the opening scene that features scenes from the original Nightmare on Elm Street movies.  It was great to see Freddy back in action, and also great to see Jason back to the way he was before Jason X.  Sure, I found Jason X to be a fun entry, but this entry was much better.  The acting could have  been better, but this movie still manages to entertain throughout.  This would probably be one of the goriest of the Nightmare on Elm Street flicks.  I guess with Freddy’s years off, he must have watched some action flicks because he has definitely learned to fight.  This is show when he starts to talk on Jason as he uses every fighting style that can be named.  My only real complaint about this film is that Freddy needed to have a higher body count than he had.  Other than that, this was probably one of the most fun entries in the series, or both series for that matter.  Freddy vs. Jason is definitely something worth seeing in the theater.  I give this movie an 8 out of 10.

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Posted on June 3, 2008

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