Frankenstein Dr. Frankenstein has discovered the secret to bringing forth life from dead tissue.  He has taken parts from different people and stitched them all together, and now during a storm, he will send his creation into the sky and when lightening hits it, it will be alive.  Once the creation starts to move, Dr. Frankenstein discovers that this isn’t a normal human being so he cages it in his basement.  With the creature breaks loose, it terrorizes the village, and now Dr. Frankenstein must find a way to destroy this monster once and for all.

Dr. Frankenstein and his assistant are waiting for a funeral to end.  Once it does, they dig up the body and take the parts they need.  They now have everything to complete their experiment except for a human brain.  Dr. Frankenstein’s assistant goes to a college and sees two brains on the table.  There he grabs the one marked normal brain, but when he drops it he has to settle for the abnormal brain.  Without Dr. Frankenstein knowing, he places the brain inside his creation.  When a storm arrives, it is time for Dr. Frankenstein to give his creation life, but it won’t be easy as his soon to be wife has arrived at his doorstep and wants to know what he is doing.  She has brought along a guy named Vincent and Dr. Frankenstein’s father.  They question Dr. Frankenstein and he soon realizes that he can’t keep his creation from them, so he allows them to witness it.  Dr. Frankenstein raises the creation up into the sky and when he brings it down, it starts to move.  Now Dr. Frankenstein wants to raise it and teach it things, but when his assistant is attacked he realizes this thing is a monster and needs to be put down.  Things don’t go as planned and the monster goes into the village and starts to attack the people.

I have seen many versions of Frankenstein, but none of them can compare to the 1931 Boris Karloff film.  It is in black and white and it has the feeling to it where you’re not sure who is truly the monster.  Is the creation a monster just because it doesn’t know what it’s doing and kills a few people?  Sure, it does kill people, but when the doctors saw it, they left it alone in this world and abandoned it.  Dr. Frankenstein’s assistant constantly aggravated the creature with fire and when it breaks free, everyone attacks it.  Frankenstein may not be as scary today as it was back then, but there is still no denying that this film is a classic and is still able to be enjoyed today!  I always love seeing these classics around Halloween time.  Frankenstein is a classic horror film and definitely one that every horror fan should see.  I give it a 9 out of 10.

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Posted on June 3, 2008

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