Final Destination 2If death has a design, then there is possibly a way to cheat death.  Kimberly and the rest of the survivors of a highway pileup learn this the hard way when Kimberly gets a vision of a huge car wreck that will kill everyone involved in the accident.  She decides to park her car, blocking everyone from getting off on the on ramp and getting into the wreck.  Moments later, as everyone behind her is wanting to get onto the interstate, a huge wreck is caused, killing eighteen people.  Kimberly just saved their lives, but now death has a new design for them.  Kimberly and the police officer who was also saved from the wreck, Thomas, now must ask for the help of Clear Rivers, the only survivor of Flight 180, as they try and fight death’s design.

The movie opens with Kimberly and her friends going on a trip.  Kimberly soon gets a vision that there is going to be a huge wreck up ahead so she pulls her car in a way that no one can go around her.  There is a police officer, and he goes up to her car and makes her step out.  Kimberly tells Thomas, the police officer, all about her vision.  At first you can tell that he doesn’t believe her, but when there is a huge explosion up the road, he starts to believe her.  She is standing by her car when Thomas runs up and grabs her as a huge truck plows into her jeep, killing her three friends.  Death has a new design, instead of going in the order they would have died, it is going backwards killing the last one first.  Kimberly and her friends would have been the last ones to get killed in the wreck, but now Thomas has intervened and made death skip over Kimberly.  All of the survivors meet at the police station and that is where Kimberly tells them what she saw.  Eugene tells them all the story of Alex Browning, which happened one year to the day of this accident.  He tells them about how once they survived, death came back.  Now, as death is making its way back around at these survivors, Kimberly and Thomas go and find the help of Clear Rivers, the only survivor of Flight 180, only she’s been locked up in a padded room for some time now.

I wouldn’t go as far to say that this one was better than the original, because it wasn’t.  The original had something extra going for it.  The first one drives itself with a very interesting story.  This one uses just about the same story, but has shocking death scenes to keep it going.  The characters in this one are very likable and often funny.  The death scenes in this one are much like the bus scene in the original Final Destination, but with a bit more gore.  They all are shocking and fast paced, and they give you just enough gore so that you can see what’s happening, but then quickly turns away.  One thing I really liked about this movie, was the way they tied it in with the first one.  The only problem, is that there are some plot holes.  Overall, this is a very fun flick and I would definitely recommend this popcorn chiller.  Going into this movie, don’t expect to see yourself wanting to figure out what death’s design is, like in the first one, just expect to find a fun flick that will keep you entertained the entire way through and some great death scenes.  I give this movie an 8 out of 10.

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Posted on June 3, 2008

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