Fangoria Blood Drive 2Fangoria Magazine is something every horror fan looks forward to each month, well with the Fangoria Blood Drive, it’s something every horror filmmaker can look forward to each year! Fangoria Blood Drive is a contest where horror filmmakers from around the world are allowed to submit their short, thirteen minute, horror film. After a few months time, the contest ends and the winners are announced and placed onto a DVD and released in stores. With the success of the first Fangoria Blood Drive, it was no surprise that there would be a follow up with even better entries. The first film, We All Fall Down, has a very I Know What You Did Last Summer type story with it, but different twists along the way. It seemed as if this short film was thirteen minutes into a longer film, because it followed one character’s struggle with her past. This film was beautifully shot with an eerie blue tint over it. The acting was superb and the violence was intense. During the flashback we see a girl getting her teeth knocked out with a hammer, that scene alone made me cringe. The Gibbering Horror of Howard Ghormley could possibly be my favorite film on the DVD. It was a very psychological piece, shot in black and white, and the editing was amazing. The cinematography was also done well, with many dutch angle shots in this closed in space. It really added a sense of claustrophobia to this little gem. The next film was Means to an End, which deals with these two special effects artists who decide that the best special effects are the real ones, so they go off on each other, harming one another to make the most realistic looking special effects possible. Following Means to an End is Mainstream, which is a film that looks like something right out of Clive Barker’s imagination. A man lies on a table while doctors perform all of these unusual experiments on him. Visually, this film is amazing, and the doctor reminded me of a cenobite from Hellraiser. Definitely worth checking out for the creepy and unsettling visuals. This film leads into a shocking ending that will linger with you. Afterwards, BC Furtney returns to the Blood Drive with his film, Disposer. Those of you who have seen the original Fangoria Blood Drive will remember Furtney’s piece, Mr. Eryams. He has returned with a shorter film that deals with a girl who gets off by sticking her hand inside a garbage disposal. After that is William Rot’s film, The Journal of Edmund Deyers, which features a really sweet serial killer who likes to remove people’s eyes with this cool looking weapon. Unfortunately, the Blood Drive starts to weaken here. Sawbones was my least favorite on the DVD. The camera was overexposed the entire film, making the lights far too bright, and it seemed more like just a war film, instead of a horror story. However, it was very different than the other pieces. Working Stiff does bring it up a notch with a very Shaun of the Dead type feel to it, mixed in with some nice storyboard shots. This piece deals with the horrors of work, and we’ve all got those. It was funny and the effects were pretty good. Overall, I would say that Fangoria really out did themselves with this one. The entries were better than all of the films on Blood Drive 1. If this continues, then I will love to see what will be placed onto Blood Drive 3. Fangoria Blood Drive is something for horror fans not to miss out on, whether you just like to watch good horror films or if you make them yourself. This is a great way to discover who the next Masters of Horror will be. So, check out the Fangoria Blood Drive 2. Buy a copy and make sure that we get a Blood Drive 3. I give this set an 8 out of 10.

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Posted on June 3, 2008

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