Escape From New YorkManhattan has been concealed with a wall around it.  No one gets in and no one gets out.  The city has been turned into a place where criminals roam.  The worst criminals are sent there and they are never able to get out.  If they try to escape, they will be killed instantly.  When the president’s plane crashes inside of Manhattan, the criminals use this as their chance and they take the president prisoner.  The government soon the war hero that turned into a felon, Snake Plissken, and give him the opportunity to become a free man again if he goes into Manhattan and saves the president, but he only has twenty four hours, otherwise a capsule that has been injected inside of Snake will kill him, and he must return with the president so that he can get the cure.

The president is on his way to a meeting when Air Force One crashes in Manhattan.  Since Manhattan has been turned into the largest maximum security prison, the government cannot get in there to save the president.  They then contact Snake Plissken to rescue the president.  They tell Snake that they will make him a free man if he saves the president.  He agrees to go and they place something inside of his neck, it’s two capsules that will dissolve in twenty four hours and burst his arteries.  If he does not find the president in time, his neck will explode.  Snake soon flies a glider into Manhattan and lands on the World Trade Center.  He then starts his search for the president, meeting old friends who have been captured.  As he searches for the president, he discovers that the president has been captured by the Duke, and the Duke is someone who practically runs Manhattan.

I had seen Escape From L.A. years ago and thought it was just an all right film, so I never really cared to see the original.  Then, the new Special Edition DVD was released so I figured that I would check it out.  I was taken by surprise by how amazing this movie is.  It is very fast paced with good character development.  Also, John Carpenter’s style is evident throughout the entire film.  Another thing I liked best about this film was the cast.  It had some very famous actors as well as horror vets.  Overall, if you want to see a post-apocalyptic movie, I recommend you checking out Escape From New York.  I give this movie an 8 out of 10.

Posted on June 3, 2008

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