Ed WoodEdward D. Wood Jr. just wants to make it in films, and he will attempt anything to do so.  Ed Wood is a comedy based on the true story of filmmaker Edward D. Wood Jr., who is considered the worst filmmaker of all time, and his struggles to make it as a filmmaker.

When an opportunity to direct a feature length film arrives, Ed Wood believes that its his chance to break it into the business by directing the project “I Changed My Sex.”  Ed, with smooth talking, manages to obtain the title of director and changes the project into a film about his life, called Glen or Glenda.  Ed tells the producer that he is the director for the job because he wears women’s sweaters.  However, it’s not until Ed runs into an aged Bella Lugosi that allows him to become the director of Glen or Glenda because he now has “crap with a star.”  After finally making a film, Ed continues filmmaking, but always runs into more and more problems along the way.

Ed Wood is an inspirational story that every aspiring filmmaker should watch.  I wouldn’t recommend filming the way Ed does, especially since he is considered the worst filmmaker of all time, however this film does portray the difficulties of filmmaking and all of the problems that a director can face.  Ed Wood is a brilliant film by director Tim Burton.  Filmed in black and white with the opening credits appearing on tomb stones, the film started off exceptionally.

The acting in this film is definitely what stands out.  Martin Landau made an excellent Bella Lugosi.  The scene where he watches himself on TV, Landau truly looked like an older version of the real Bella.  The true stand out, however, goes to Johnny Depp who gives an amazing performance as Ed Wood.  Throughout the film, he never breaks character and there were even times while watching that I forgot it was Depp in the role and I felt like I was truly watching Ed Wood attempt to direct his films.

Overall, if you’ve seen this movie then I’d recommend checking out the new DVD that has been released, which features deleted scenes, behind the scenes featurettes, and much more.  Ed Wood is an inspirational story about a dreamer trying to defy the odds and do what he loves, even if he’s not any good at it.  Ed Wood is a film I highly recommend.  I give it a 10 out of 10.

Posted on June 3, 2008

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