Ed GeinBased on the true story of a shy man in 1957 who is found out to be a serial killer. Ed Gein is the true story that inspired such classic films as “Psycho” and “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”  This film is the account of what actually happened.  Ed Gein was raised by an abusive father and a domineering mother.   Ed Gein grew up in a small farming community called Plainfield, Wisconsin.  Ed grew to be obsessed with his mother, and when she died he couldn’t deal with that so drove himself insane.  He became a graverobber and a cannibal.  This is the true story of Ed Gein.

I found this movie to be rather good.  It wasn’t as violent or scary as it could have been.  But I think it worked out in a good way.  It does have its moments, like the scene where Ed dresses up in those people’s skins and dances outside.  This film is more of a cross between Psycho and Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which it should be since this is the true even that inspired both Psycho and Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  We watch this movie, knowing that this is something that actually happened.  We see just how insane someone can really be.  I’ve heard there was another movie that came out in the 70’s called “Deranged” and I’ve heard that it was much more accurate on the crimes that Ed commited.  But anyway, this film is worth a rental to see what really happened.  I give this film a 6 out of 10.

Posted on June 3, 2008

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