DragonflyJoe Darrow has just lost his wife Emily in a bus accident. Now Joe just wishes he knew what happened to her since they never found her body, and soon he gets the chance when Emily starts to contact him through the patients at the hospital Joe is a doctor at. She contacts him through their near death experiences.

The movie opens with us being introduced to Joe and Emily. They are talking on the phone and Joe wants Emily to come home. The weather is getting bad and Emily leaves on a bus with all these children. Well the bus gets stuck in mud and it falls over a cliff, killing everyone inside. Now without Emily Joe must go on. He had made a promise to visit Emily’s patients in the hospital, she worked in the children’s part of the hospital. Well one night Joe is in the hospital when a child has a near death experience. He hears the child call his name so he goes to the boy. He follows the boy into the room and there the boy flat lines. Soon the boy comes back and has an amazing story to tell. He says all these things to Joe and how Emily has something to tell him. Joe tries to learn more and he finds more patients who have talked with Emily since her death. All these kids are drawing this weird symbol and he wants to set out and find out what it all means. Then one night Joe is at home and he discovers that his pet bird is saying “Honey! I’m home.” which is what the bird always said when Emily would come home. He goes into the kitchen where the bird is acting up. Later he discovers the symbol in a broken plant on the floor. Later Joe tries to find out what Emily has to say to him, so he sets out into the jungle where she died to find out the answers.

I remember seeing a trailer for this a while back, but it seems this movie just didn’t last long in theaters. Well, after viewing this I found it to be enjoyable. It’s not really a horror film, though it is a ghost story. We don’t get that fear feeling because we know that the ghost in this movie his Kevin Costner’s wife. We know there is no real threat to him because she wouldn’t hurt him. Instead this is more of a ghost story/drama. This is a movie that I would recommend for those who are interested in a movie that deals with the afterlife. This movie was well made and I thought Kevin Costner did an excellent job portraying the grief stricken husband. This movie does have some really good scenes, especially the scene in the house when Joe thinks his wife has returned. I think they did a good job in making this movie with more of a dramatic tone instead of a scary one. Another thing I liked about this movie was the ending. I really didn’t see that coming and I doubt that you will either. I give this movie a 6 out of 10.

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Posted on June 2, 2008

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