Dracula 2000When a team of techno-savvy thieves break into a high-security vault, they don’t discover priceless works of art…they find a crypt unopened for 100 years! Suddenly, the ancient terror of Dracula is unleashed, and his first destination is America and the exotic city of New Orleans – a place where he feels right at home. Not far behind, however, is a vampire hunter from London determined to save a young woman with whom Dracula shares his dark legacy!

This movie is like no other Dracula movie. It takes place in the year 2000, when most of the others that I’ve seen take place in the 1800’s. We see Dr. Van Helsing back still hunting Dracula, except this time he’s already captured him and is keeping him hidden from the world. That is until Dracula is discovered by a group of thieves who free him. This version of Dracula gives us a new origin on the old Dracula legend. Instead of Dracula being around just for a couple of hundred years we discover that he’s really been around a couple of thousand years. There is nothing really scary about this movie and I guess that is probably whey there are a lot of mixed reviews on this film. I have seen people bash this film saying that it is not any good. But what I think is that this film isn’t meant to be scary, but instead entertaining. And that is just what this film is. It’s an hour and forty minutes of pure entertainment. It quickly became my favorite Dracula film. If you are a fan of vampire movies, Dracula films, etc., then you will love this film. I think you should check it out. You will never know if you like it until you’ve given it a chance. I give it an 8 out of 10.

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Posted on June 2, 2008

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