Dracula 2: AscensionAfter Dracula was left hanging from a cross and burning in the morning sun, his corpses is taken to the city morgue.  There the two college students who work there notice that this victim isn’t exactly human.  The two are soon offered 30 million dollars for the corpse of Dracula.  When they agree to it they find themselves in terrible danger when the count awakens and is hungry for blood.  Although, Dracula is the least of their worries as a vampire hunter arrives in town wanting to kill this count and everyone who protects him.

Dracula 2: Ascension opens with a young girl running down the streets trying to escape this man.  The man soon catches her, but one of her friends jump out and they both attack the man.  As it turns out, these two women are vampires, but this man is a hunter.  He quickly kills them both and leaves.  Dracula 2 then cuts to where Dracula 2000 left off with Dracula hanging from a cross burning in the morning sun.  His body is taken to the city morgue where two college students work.  The two examine the body and discover that it hasn’t had any blood running through its veins in a while and that it can’t be human.  When the girl starts to examine the mouth, she is cut by the teeth and is infected, but slowly turning.  She calls her boyfriend and tells him what happened.  Soon, someone offers to pay 30 million dollars to take the corpse away from the morgue.  With the corpse of Dracula they hope to find the secret to eternal life.  They take the count to an abandoned house and place him in a tub of blood.  He soon awakens and kills one of the girls.  Once they capture Dracula, they take him to a new building and lock him in an empty swimming pool.  There one of them decides to inject some of Dracula’s blood, but things don’t go as planned as he turns into a full-fledged vampire.  The guy who was buying Dracula goes after this new vampire and they end up running into the hunter.  Now the hunter is heading back to the building to capture Dracula, and kill everyone in his way.

I had actually enjoyed Dracula 2000 to some extent.  It wasn’t scary, and neither is this one.  This movie is rather fast paced and I really dug the gore.  I loved the scene where Dracula bites this guy’s face off.  Even though this film does manage to entertain, it does still have its faults.  In the first film, Dracula had long black hair played by Gerard Butler.  Now Dracula has short blonde hair and is played by Stephen Billington.  Another thing about this film is that you really can’t remember many of the character’s names afterwards.  Sure, we can all remember Dracula, but he is never once called Dracula in this film.  He does refer to himself as Judas Iscariot, which was established as his true identity in the first film.  We also get the same flashback that was in the first film, but it’s been edited since Gerard Butler was originally playing the role.  Overall, Dracula 2: Ascension doesn’t live up to the original, but it does manage to entertain.  This movie is worth a rental.  I give it a 6 out of 10.

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Posted on June 2, 2008

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