200px Don%27t Be Afraid of the Dark VHS Dont Be Afraid of the DarkWhen a couple, Sally and Alex, inherit an old mansion that is part of Sally’s family’s past. When Sally opens up an old fireplace that is in the basement, she unknowingly unleashes a pack of demons that want to take her with them. With her husband out of town for a few days, Sally is left all alone in this dark mansion with demons living in the basement.

Sally and Alex has just moved into an old mansion that has been part of Sally’s family history. Sally meets this old caretaker of the house in the basement. She tells him how she would like to use that fireplace that has been sealed shut, but the caretaker refuses to open it up. He warns her not to touch it and tells her that some things are better left untouched. Once he leaves, Sally decides to open it herself, and once she does she unleashes something evil in that house. Her husband, Alex, has been planning a party for his work. Once the night of the party comes, Sally is a bit spooked by the strange things that she has been hearing and seeing in the house. At the party, she eventually sees one of the demons, now as Alex plans on leaving for a business trip, Sally will be left alone in this dark mansion with these demons.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark was a made for TV movie back in 1973. The thing that grabbed my interest in this film was the fact that so many people were saying in reviews about how scary this film was, and how the images of those demons stay with them for long after. Well, I can see how this film would have been scary to people when they were kids, however I found it more comical than scary. The demons were the size of the puppets from Puppet Master, and I was hoping that Sally would just grab one and throw it. The demon’s eerie voices probably was scary back in the day; however, I also found it to be more funny than anything else. Still, the movie does have very good atmosphere and that is something that people will remember. Also, I couldn’t stop thinking about this movie the day after I watched it. I had watched it during the middle of the night with all the lights turned out, and although it didn’t scare me, it left me wanting to watch it a second time. If you would like to see a movie about demons that more than likely inspired Puppet Master, then I highly recommend this one. I give this movie a 7 out of 10.

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Posted on June 2, 2008

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