Donnie DarkoDonnie Darko is the tale of a young teenager who has just discovered that the world is going to end.  He has twenty-eight days before this event is going to happen.  He isn’t sure exactly as to how the world is going to end, he just has the exact date and time.  He hears this from a man in a rabbit suit.  The man in the rabbit suit is named Frank and he comes to Donnie to tell him things to do.  Donnie feels that it is his duty to carry out these tasks because Frank saved Donnie’s life when an engine from a plane crashes into Donnie’s room.  Now as the clock ticks the countdown begins to the end of the world, and Donnie is the only one who knows as he carries out the tasks that Frank sends him on.

The movie opens with us being introduced to Donnie Darko.  One night while Donnie is in his room he hears a voice telling him to leave.  He follows the voice onto a golf course, there he sees a man in a rabbit suit.  The rabbit, named Frank, tells him that the world is going to end twenty-eight days from then.  Soon the morning arrives and we find Donnie asleep on the golf course.  Frank just saved Donnie’s life because an engine from a plane just crashed into Donnie’s house.  No one knows where exactly it came from because there is no plane around there, only the engine.  If Donnie had been in his room that night, the engine crashing into his house would have killed him.  So Frank saved his life.  Now Donnie is doing everything Frank says up until the world ends on October 30th.

I hadn’t heard of this movie until recently.  I noticed it was getting some very positive reviews, so I decided to check it out.  Well this movie was well worth the rental.  The movie isn’t really a horror movie, but it does have some quite chilling moments.  The scenes with Frank can be chilling at times.  I loved the scene where they were seeing the movie “The Evil Dead” and Frank arrives.  Maybe it was just the music or maybe it was Frank’s voice, but it was able to be quite chilling.  I really don’t understand why this movie didn’t get a theatrical release, I guess studios just don’t want to give the good movies a chance.  Oh well, people have been saying that there hasn’t been any good horror films to come out in recent years, but looking back at 2001 we had some nice additions to the horror genre, and this is one of them.  I highly recommend this movie.  I give this movie an 8 out of 10.

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Posted on June 2, 2008

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