Dog SoldiersWhen a group of soldiers are on a training mission they discover a captain of another group barely hanging onto life.  As they take him in they discover that the rest of his troops have been brutally murdered.  Now the soldiers are being attacked by these creatures in the woods.  They meet up with a girl named Megan and they go into a deserted house.  There they lock themselves in the house and try to survive the night as the werewolves wait outside for the soldiers.

The movie opens with two people in a tent.  Soon we see the zipper on the tent start to rise and the hand of a werewolf reaches in and pulls out one of them, killing them.  Later we meet our stars of the movie, which is the soldiers.  They are out in the woods on a training mission.  When the soldiers discover a wounded Captain Ryan they learn that he has been attacked by a giant wolf creature, later on they discover that it’s werewolves.  Well they take Captain Ryan in and they meet up with a girl named Megan.  She helps them and they all go into a deserted house and lock themselves inside.  Now they must fight for survival as the werewolves attempt to get in.

I had heard plenty of good things about this movie, so of course my expectations were going to be high.  When I discovered that the movie was going to be played on the Scifi channel I knew I had to check it out, but sadly it would be the cut version.  Well after viewing this film, even though it was the cut version, it lived up to every one of my expectations.  They say that this is one gory film, and even the edited version seemed a bit gory.  I mean we have the sergeant who gets his guts cut out, but continues to walk around.  We some people getting their heads torn off by werewolves, and the scene in the truck seemed to have buckets of gore.  Well, since this was the edited version, I really want to see the uncut version which the DVD will hopefully be once it’s released.  I am really not a big werewolf movie fan, but in the past 2 years I’ve seen two great werewolf movies being released and this is one of them.  It’s not as good as Ginger Snaps, but it sure does come close.  This one is just a non-stop gore fest that is very fun to watch.  I give this movie an 8 out of 10.

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Posted on June 2, 2008

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