DemonsPeople are going to see a movie that they know nothing about.  They think it’s some kind of sneak preview.  They get there and one lady places a mask onto her face. When she removes the mask it places a tiny cut onto her face.  The movie starts and we see that it’s a movie about demons.  There is one scene in the movie where another person places on the mask, when he cuts his face the girl’s cut, the  girl who cut her face, starts to bleed.  She goes into the bathroom to clean it off where she turns into a demon.  Another girl goes in to check on her, and sure enough gets turned into a demon.  Then tons more people are turned as it spreads through the theater.

I had seen two Dario Argento films before this, Suspiria and Inferno. I really didn’t like either one.  Well this one was just produced by Dario Argento, at first I was thinking that this was going to be another boring movie, but once people started to turn into demons it really picked up.  The gore in this film is excellent.  One thing I liked best about this movie is that it never stops.  Once the violence starts, it doesn’t ease up or anything.  It’s nonstop for an hour, leading up to the shocking climax.  This is a great horror movie to watch, and I recommend it to anyone and everyone who is a fan of the horror genre.  I give this movie a 7 out of 10.

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Posted on June 2, 2008

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