Demonic ToysWhen a police officer, Judith, chases someone into a toy warehouse. She finds herself trapped inside along with her prisoner, the security guard, a chicken delivery boy, and a homeless girl. As these people become trapped in this warehouse, they discover that a demonic force has brought the toys to life, and these toys will stop at nothing to kill them.

Judith and her boyfriend, who is also her police partner, are preparing to bust two guys who are smuggling guns. Judith tells her boyfriend that she is pregnant. Soon, the gun smugglers arrive, and when they discover that Judith and her boyfriend are police officers, they start firing at them. Judith’s boyfriend is killed and Judith chases one of them into a toy warehouse. Meanwhile, the security guard at the toy warehouse orders chicken every night, so the chicken delivery boy is on his way. Judith ends up catching the gun smugglers and they become locked inside a room in the warehouse. The security guard and the chicken delivery boy are just chilling when they hear Judith’s gun go off. They go to investigate and they unlock them out of the room. Unfortunately for them, the toys in the toy warehouse have come alive and they want to kill each one of them.

I remember seeing Demonic Toys when I was a little kid. So I finally got to see the totally uncut version, which shouldn’t have been rated above an R. Those little toys are very memorable, however this film could have been far better. Full Moon is known for their Puppet Master series, so the Demonic Toys is somewhat of a spin-off for them. Unfortunately, Demonic Toys isn’t as good as Puppet Master. I liked how they worked in Judith’s pregnancy with the demonic force that’s in the warehouse, and how it was going to use Judith’s unborn baby to become human. Demonic Toys is fairly decent, but only see this if you’re a fan of the Puppet Master series or a fan of Full Moon. I give this movie a 5 out of 10.

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Posted on June 2, 2008

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