Deep RedWhile in Italy, a pianist, Marc Daly, finds himself tangled in a web of murder.  A psychic picks up the thoughts of a serial killer lurking in a crowd and is soon the next victim.  Marc witnesses the murder of the psychic and takes it upon himself to track down the killer, however the killer always manages to stay a step ahead.

Deep Red opens with Goblin’s excellent score, leading into a past murder, and then quickly into present day.  When a psychici, Helga Ulmann, picks up the thoughts of a serial killer, she soon becomes the next target.  Her screams echo throughout the streets, only to be picked up by Marcus Daly.  As he runs to her rescue, he finds himself too late and she is already dead.  He soon teams up with Gianna, a reporter, and the two try and tack down the killer.

Deep Red is often considered Dario Argento’s masterpiece.  I’d still have to say that Suspiria holds that title.  However, Deep Red is absolutely amazing.  Argento’s style is evident throughout every shot of this film.  Each murder scene manages to entrap the viewer by the beauty of it.  It’s amazing how Dario Argento can show such beauty through such violent acts.

Deep Red moves at a steady pace, however I would have preferred to have a few more death scenes in this film.  Each one was so stylish that I longed for more once they were over.  I think that might be why I love Opera so much, it manages to have Dario Argento’s style, but the carnage in it is so intense.  The same goes with Deep Red, the death scenes in this are straight out of a slasher film, however maintain the beauty of a giallo, and Deep red is definitely one of the best giallos of all time, and definitely one of the best of Dario Argento’s career.  If you haven’t seen Deep Red, I highly recommend you check out this beautiful film.  I give it a 9 out of 10.

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Posted on May 31, 2008

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