Deep in the WoodsFive young actors are hired to act in a play of Little Red Riding Hood. They perform the play at a millionaire’s estate, that is hidden deep in the woods. When they arrive they meet the millionaire, his crazy son, and their picture taking butler. Soon strange murders start to happen and one by one they are hunted down by a crazed madman, who wears a wolf mask. Now it’s a battle for survival as they try to escape from deep in the woods.

The preview for this film makes it look like it could be one terrifying film, but once you watch it you’ll know that it lacks any real scares. When I first watched it I didn’t know what to think. It was a film that was very different. I watched it a second time and understood more, so I found myself liking it better. People consider this film to be the French Blair Witch, but I think it has more in commen with other films. I noticed that they had a Dario Argento style to it. The colors in this film are beautiful, just like in a Dario Argento film. It starts out with this lady sitting in a chair and the killer walks up behind her with what looks like a piece of piano wire. The killer wraps it around the lady’s necked and kills her. After that we are introduced to our cast as they are driving on their way up to the millionaire’s house. Once they arrive they have a very unusual dinner, and the little boy named Nicolas stabs himself in the hand with a forke. Why? We never know. The first 30 minutes or so is really good and paced very well, during the middle of the film it slows down, but the ending picks right up. Sophie thinks that everyone is crazy up until we finally learn who the killer is in the last five minutes or so. Just like most slashers, they give us a twist ending when showing us the killer. But I think it worked out quite well. Watch this film with an open mind and you might find yourself a good movie. Expect too much and you’ll be disappointed. I give this film a 6 out of 10.

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Posted on June 2, 2008

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