Dead and RottingWhen three guys decide to play a prank on a witch they have to pay for what they have done with a heavy price.  They attack the witch’s son, and when the witch gets revenge they decide to pay two stoners to do something to the witch.  The two stoners decide to boil the witch’s cat alive, but little did they know that the cat was actually the witch’s son and now she decides to get revenge on them.  She makes herself look young and beautiful and she gets herself impregnated by the three guys and she gives birth to three ghouls.  These ghouls are out to help the witch in getting vengeance on the ones that did her wrong.

The movie opens with us being introduced to our main characters.  They are sitting in a car thinking of something to do to scare the witch, when suddenly a crazy man attacks the car.  The three drive off and the next night they see the crazy man in a restaurant.  When the man grabs a waitress, one of them decides to throw the man out of the restaurant, so the man, named Pox, decides to throw eggs at the guy’s truck.  When the three find out that Pox was throwing eggs at their truck they chase after him and beat him.  Later that night the witch decides to get revenge by making them all sick.  The three agree that it was the witches doing, so they pay some stoners to do something to the witch.  The two stoners boil the witch’s cat alive, but the cat turns out to be her son, Pox.  So now the witch is after the three guys and the two stoners with her set of ghouls.

I really didn’t know what to expect of this movie before I saw it.  By the looks of the trailer I didn’t want to expect much, and I went in with low expectations, but what I found was that I was beginning to really enjoy it.  Sure, it is very flawed, but it is also fast paced and at times it is enjoyable.  This one doesn’t have the gore that the last Tempe movie did, which was “Hell Asylum.”  Instead this one tends to be just an overall fun flick.  There really are no scares in this movie at all, and I couldn’t help but think of the classic film “Pumpkinhead” throughout the entire film.  I’d recommend this movie for anyone who wants to rent a nice little fun flick.  I give Dead and Rotting a 6 out of 10.

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Posted on June 2, 2008

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