Dead and BuriedPotter’s Bluff seems like any other small coastal town.  Full of small town goodness, everyone seems to know everyone.  But deep down the town doesn’t seem quite right. Visitors meet grisly ends but then days later show up as every day citizens.   Local Sheriff Dan Gillis is an outcast due to his leaving the town and then coming back years later.  With a little help from the town coroner, Dobbs, Gillis tries to solve the mystery of a car accident where the victim doesn’t have a very good day.  However during their investigation, they seem to get themselves a little too close to an evil that has been controlling the town for quite some time.

Considered just that for years, Dead and Buried is a film that seemed to disappear after the 80s.  Bad VHS copies were few and far between for years.  Thanks to Blue Underground, this cult favorite is back for more.  Although the plot summary above doesn’t sound like much, it is just that hard to summarize the film due to all the plot twists and turns.   I remember enjoying the film when I was younger but this really has an excellent story.  Well above most slasher cheese from the 80s, this starts off with a bang and never really lets up.  The kills are quite original and some are very cringe inducing.  Not to mention the makeup effects by Stan Winston are impressive as hell and still hold up well for the most part.  And this packs one hell of an ending.

Aside from story this film is loaded with excellent performances.  However it isn’t so much the leads that are the best here.  The supporting cast really shines here.  Dead and Buried is loaded with familiar faces that have you going hey I know that person.  Most notably is an early performance from Robert Englund as one of the townspeople.  He’ll make you want to never have your picture taken again.  The other notable horror veteran is Lisa Blount best known to horror fans for her role in John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness.  However here she sheds her good girl image and isn’t somebody you would want to mess with.  And if you see her in a nurse’s outfit all I can say is run.  The film really belongs to Jack Albertson as the coroner Dobbs in his last on screen role.  He was a very talented actor and took this role far beyond my expectations.  It could have easily been a walk through role for him and he really made it his own.

Dead and Buried is truly a gem of the 80s.  Breaking away from the standard stalk and slash that was rampant in that decade, this even turns the zombie sub-genre on its head.  Reminiscent of The Fog, Gary Sherman’s direction is excellent and this is just a great film. There is a reason why this has such a strong cult following that has been screaming for a quality release for years.  Filled with atmosphere, excellent gore, and solid performances this is an easy recommendation.  9 out of 10.

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Posted on June 2, 2008

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