Dawn of the Dead: Ultimate EditionDawn of the Dead is a favorite in the zombie sub genre, as well as a favorite in the horror genre of many fans.  For years, we’ve only had flimsy little bare bones DVD’s of this film, and fans have been waiting for the Ultimate Edition that was announced a few years back.  Then, in March 2004, Anchor Bay released the DiviMax version of this film, which some believed was going to be the release instead of the Ultimate Edition.  Luckily, that was just a teaser for what we’re going to get, for that is the first disc of this massive collection, and each disc on this set is its own special edition!  So, how did Anchor Bay treat this film?  Read along to find out.

Disc 1 is an excellent release of George Romero’s Director’s Cut.  It is the theatrical verison, and that’s the version that George Romero says is the best version.  I have to agree with that.  It moves at a fairly quick pace and has some amazing gore scenes.  The video on this DVD is excellent, however if you’ve seen the single disc release, then you’ll know that.  It was remastered in High Defintion, so the picture and sound is simply amazing.  The extras on this DVD is another plus.  It’s a loaded special edition in its own right.  The commentary is good and its filled with trailers, radio spots, TV spots, and many more.

Disc 2 features the Extended version of the film.  This version does feature a bit more gore than the Director’s Cut, but it runs at a slower pace than it should.  Of course, this is why Romero cut this version down.  The picture quality on this DVD is excellent, but the audio is only presented in its original mono soundtrack.  The commentary on this one was my least favorite one.  The extras include the Monroeville Mall commercial, Behind-the-scenes photo gallery, Memorabilia gallery, and Production stills.

Disc 3 features the European version, which was edited by Dario Argento.  This version moves at a very fast pace, faster than either of the other two.  The soundtrack on this version is entirely composed by Goblin and it sounds amazing!  However, this version isn’t as gory as the other version.  If the gore would have remained in, it could have been my favorite version.  The most notable difference is that the scene where the zombie gets the top of his head chopped off by a helicopter is not in this version.  The commentary on this one is the most lively one, for it features the cast.  Like the other DVD’s, this disc also features a number of trailers and artwork.

Disc 4 features an all new documentary, The Dead Will Walk.  This was very entertaining and it has recent interviews from the cast and crew.  Document of the Dead was another excellent documentary, and one that I’ve been wanting to see for a very long time.  Thanks Anchor Bay for placing this on the DVD!  The Monroeville Mall Tour was excellent.  It was hosted by Ken Foree and it had a few of the zombie extras and David Emge in it.

If you’re a horror fan, this is a DVD set that must be in your collection.  It is almost a crime not to have it in there!  Dawn of the Dead fans and horror fans have been waiting for a set like this for years, and this could possibly be the best DVD of a single movie ever released.  This is practically a perfect DVD.  The only thing I would have recommended, was to include chapter stops during the documentaries so that you could stop it and come back at the same spot at a later time.  However, that is a small complaint and it’s just me being nit-picky.  It doesn’t bring down this box set at all.  This is a must own set, and it’s at a price tag of only 50 bucks.  This set is worth far more than that.  If you’re reading this review questioning as to whether or not you should buy this DVD, stop reading now, head over to your local DVD store and grab a copy.  You won’t regret it!  It’s worth every penny.  The dead have risen, and Anchor Bay has given it the set it deserves.  I give this DVD a 10 out of 10.

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Posted on May 30, 2008

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