cry wolfAt a prestigious university, a group of students sneak out each night to play a game of “Cry Wolf.”  The objective, manipulate your friends, eliminate your enemies.  When Owen, a transfer from England, arrives he soon finds himself drawn to the beautiful red-head named Dodger.  She makes him the wolf that night, and he cleverly tricks everyone into believing that he’s not the wolf.

When the game becomes tame, the group wants to expand it throughout the entire school.  With the recent murder of a young girl, the group decides to send a mass e-mail to everyone on campus about a fictitious killer who did the same thing on another college campus, starting with a townie.  Soon, the student body believes that there is a killer on campus, preparing to attack and that the fake murders are starting once again.  However, once the real killer receives the e-mail, it becomes a game of cry wolf for real as he begins to pick apart his prey.  Now, the only problem is that those who started this rumor can’t get anyone to help them because everyone believes that it’s just another game.

This film had an interesting plot, and that was my only reason for wanting to see this.  Once the film started, I knew that it was more of a character driven film that based itself more on the drama aspect, instead of of the horror side.  It was interesting to see these characters interact, however the only ones that were developed were Owen, Dodger, and the teacher.  Everyone else was just there.

One can argue that a film doesn’t have to be rated R in order to be good.  Well, this film was a PG-13 slasher flick and after seeing the film, I can understand how it couldn’t have gotten above a PG-13, however I think I would have enjoyed an R rated version more because a slasher film is all about the gore.  Seriously, take the gore out of House of Wax (2005) and the film would have been incredibly boring.  My take on this whole PG-13 vs. R argument, give me a good slasher that’s rated PG-13 then people won’t complain, until then, we need R rated slasher flicks.

Another thing I noticed with this film was that the editing was a bit choppy.  There were plenty of times where the character would be looking one way, and they move just by a cut in the film.  I know that when I’m editing, I’m a stickler for making sure that everything connects perfectly, and I pay attention to where people’s movements are in the previous clip.  This didn’t seem the case for this film.  Now, it’s not so bad that it goes on the entire film, but there are plenty of instances where you will notice this.

The cinematography in this film was fairly decent, but since it tried to be a drama instead of a slasher, there isn’t much that is used to create suspense.  Suspense is created through choice camera work.  The only interesting part of the film was the library scene, where the lights would follow the camera, as if it were someone following our main characters.  During the death scenes, things get fairly fast, however there were plenty of tripod shots that kind of made the film lose intensity.  However, it was rated PG-13, so intensity isn’t on the menu for this film.

The acting can go back to the character development.  Julian Morris was, in my opinion, the standout performer of the film.  He played our tragic hero, Owen.  Julian had this innocent way of portraying his character, even though we are lead to believe that he has had a troubled past, however he played the part of a naive fifteen year old, instead of a college student who should be taking control of the situation.  However, he did manage to make me relate to his character.  Lindy Booth did probably her best role yet in this film.  I thought her acting in Dawn of the Dead was horrible, however she managed to save herself with this film, but I couldn’t help but not like her character.  However, that may have been the director’s intentions.  Everyone else was just “sheep” as they put it in the film.  The other characters were there just for them to be killed off.

Overall, if you’re going to see Cry Wolf, don’t go in expecting the next great slasher, because this is definitely not it.  Go see High Tension instead.  If you want to see a suspense/drama, then it’ll be an okay way to spend an hour and a half.  I give this film a 4 out of 10.

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Posted on May 30, 2008

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