CronosAn alchemist built a device that had the ability to grant eternal life.  Four hundred years later, the alchemist died and his device was never seen again.  That is until an antique’s dealer discovers the device.  Not knowing what it is, he accidentally uses.  Now, his life is changing drastically as he discovers that the only way to keep this eternal life, is to drink human blood.

When an alchemist builds the Cronos device, he discovers the secret to eternal life.  Four hundred years later, he dies when his building collapses and a piece of wood pierces his heart.  In the present day, a local antiques dealer discovers this statue.  Inside the statue he finds a little golden thing that looks like an insect.  The device catches on to the dealer’s hand and it cuts him.  Later on, he discovers that he has a craving for this device, the Cronos device.  Meanwhile, an antique’s collector who is dying discovers that this dealer has the device.  He purchases the statue, and when he sees that the device is missing, he sends his nephew to retrieve the device so that he can live forever.

I have seen very few vampire movies that I really like, but this one is one I was able to get into.  Cronos is very different from other vampire films in that a device turns the antique’s dealer into a vampire, yet the term vampire is never used in this film.  Guillermo del Toro an amazing director and his style shows in this film.  The movie is presented half in Spanish and half in English, it depends on which characters are talking.  The colors of this film really bring it to life, much of which will be seen in del Toro’s later film, Blade 2.  Overall, I would recommend Cronos to anyone who loves horror films, though it’s not scary, it is very well made.  I give Cronos a 7 out of 10.

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Posted on June 2, 2008

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