critters CrittersWith the popularity of the Gremlins back in the 1980s, it was inevitable that movie makers would do what they always do which is attempt to ride along on the coat tails of a massive success. While Gremlins did have some creepy or scary moments, it wasn’t particularly a horror film. In many ways, Critters itself is not a horror movie, either. It features “cute furry monsters” but of a wholly different nature. These beasties are ravenous feeders upon human flesh and more than willing to eat their way across the planet if they aren’t stopped. If that doesn’t sound like a good time, what does?

Of course, any premise like this needs some humor injected and Critters gives that freely. The ‘krites’ as they are called, come from a jail on asteroid. They’ve broken out and wandered across the galaxy to land on Earth. Since the first thing you want to visit if you want a taste of Earthly realities is the Midwest in the USA, they head to Kansas. They plop down in a tiny town and start chomping on people. It doesn’t take too long for them to learn they’re being tailed by interstellar bounty hunters who are also shape shifters. None of this is supposed to make sense so if you’re finding it difficult to follow, don’t worry because this is not a movie about depth of plot.

Puppets, in this reviewer’s opinion, and characters of their ilk have always been far scarier than anything created by a computer. The krites definitely are creepy, but in a cute type of way. You can’t possibly believe they’re real, of course, but they do evoke fascination and they use that to their advantage. Since it’s rated PG-13 you’re not going to see a lot of brutal torture or nudity, but that’s fine because this is meant more as a fun film. It’s become a real cult classic due to the fact that it’s so bizarre. There can never really be too many films about aliens eating people especially if said aliens are furry and this is definitely a large part of why this film has aged so well.

You can expect to get plenty of laughs at the crazy antics of the crites, but you’ll get plenty of laughs from the bounty hunters fumbling around as they try to bring intergalactic justice, as well. In all, Critters offers a very fun send up to the whole concept of sci fi horror and does so in a very nice package as long as you know that you’re getting into B movie territory. It’s held up well over the years and still delivers the goods when you just want a cheesy escape from reality that’s going to give you some laughs. You should definitely check out Critters if you want to relive the golden age of crazy little monster movies.

While crites might be fun to consider owning, you certainly would not want one as a pet even if they are willing to wolf down Billy Zane at your request.

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Posted on June 2, 2008

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