CreepshowPlot: Horror masters Stephen King and George Romero come together to make a fun, creepy, comic, horror movie, which differs itself from all of the other movies out there. The plot of this movie isn’t continual throughout the whole movie, as there are 5 different stories within it. These stories are all different, with one being about bugs, one being about a monkey, a meteor, etc. They’re all pretty creepy, though, so the name of the movie works.

The Stories:

#1: The first story focuses around a group of family members at a mansion out in the woods. They’re all gathered for a family dinner to mark fathers’ day, a very important day in their lives. You see, seven years before, one of the ladies in the family killed her father on fathers’ day, because he became senile and wouldn’t leave her alone. But this father’s day will be different than normal, as she will get a surprise she will never forget, if she lives that is!

This is probably the second worst story in the whole movie. It is kind of mediocre in the way that it’s pretty stupid, boring, and doesn’t have much to offer. Although the acting is pretty good, this one really didn’t make me too interested. I would have to give this one a 6/10.

#2: The second story in this great movie is about a farmer who finds that a meteor has crashed into his lawn. He goes to investigate it and gets this disgusting green, glowing substance, all over his hands. After a while though, everything he has touched with that hand, including himself, has got this green, plant-like substance growing all over it. Everything soon turns that way including his lawn, carpet, and basically his entire house.

Overall, this story was the worst the movie had to offer, in my opinion. Stephen King was good in it, but he didn’t really have much to work with, story wise. It wasn’t really creepy, as it was more of a comedic, disturbing story. It wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t great, so it deserves about a 5/10.

#3: A couple of years ago, a young man (Ted Danson), stole the love of a rich man’s (Leslie Nielson) wife away from him. The only problem is that the rich man never forgot about that, and is looking for revenge against both of them. To get this revenge, he decides he will drown them both, but what he doesn’t expect is that he will also lose his life in the process.

This was a very well acted, written, and well directed story. It had elements of comedy, drama, and horror, all entwined into one. I really enjoyed this story, and I think that it’s probably either the best or second best story in this movie. Overall, I would give it an 7/10.

#4: The premise of the fourth story is that while searching for a quarter he dropped, an old janitor discovers a crate with the date of 1834, under a stairwell in a university. In a very intrigued state, he calls his friend, who happens to work at the university where the crate was found, to come down and help him see what’s inside it. They both proceed to open it, but the creature that’s inside doesn’t want to see any of them live. Can it be contained, or will it kill everyone in sight?

I really liked this one, and found it really entertaining because of its great premise and great acting. You actually feel for the characters you like and start to hate the ones you’re meant to hate (you’ll see what I mean). I also found that this story had the best script out of all five of them. Overall, I would give this story an 8/10.

#5: A grumpy, conceited, rich businessman thinks he lives in a germ free apartment, until he finds a few cockroaches running around. This really pisses him off, so he decides to take action by killing them, then calling the building’s superintendent to get the exterminator. The only problem is that the superintendent is in Florida, and as time goes on, the bug problem keeps getting worse.

Out of all five stories, this one was probably the shortest, but still remained one of the best. The acting by the guy who played the rich asshole was really good, as was the acting by one of the neighbour guys, who was always pissing him off. This was a good story to end the movie with and I really enjoyed it. I’d have to give this one a 7/10.

Overall: This is a great movie that every horror fan should own. Not only because of the fact that it was made by both Stephen King and George Romero (with Tom Savini doing the AMAZING makeup), but because it’s such a great movie. If you’re a fan of “Tales From the Crypt”, then you’re sure to like this.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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Posted on May 31, 2008

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