Creepshow 2Creepshow consits of 3 different stories and all do well in there own ways.I will start with the first story .2 old store owners a brutally murdered by a gang that breaks into there store, and guess who is out for revenge a wooden indian statue that resides outside of the store.To me this is the best story in Creepshow 2 it has some good kills and some blood.The second story is about a bunch of teens who drive up to this lake, when they get to the lake they all go swimming out to a raft wich is located around the middle of the lake.  Once they are on the raft they realize there is this weird goowey object that keeps floating around them, and soon after horrible things start to happen. This is probally the worst story in creepshow 2.  Why??  Well lets start with the bad acting,the acting was terrible and the story leaves no room for you to get to know the characters at all. Second thing is it isnt the best story and seemed in a way boring. The good news though is there is some gore but gore can’t save this story. The 3rd story is about this rich women who runs into this man on the road. She then doesnt know what to do so she leaves the scene and drive’s away, but soon after the man she hit is back and wants revenge.This story is really good, what I liked about it was Tom Savaini was in it and it never slows down in pace. So all together Creepshow 2 is worth a rental, but if you are expecting the original you might be let down.This film could of used more stories but for what they gave us it is pretty good. I give it a 6 out of 10

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Posted on June 2, 2008

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