282490~Constantine Posters ConstantineGod and the Devil made a bet, demons in Hell, angels in Heaven, that’s the way it is.  However, there are half breeds, some are angels, some are demons.  These half breeds are sent to Earth in order to whisper in our ears, to lean us towards one side or another.  The bet is to see which one is able to get more followers.

The Spear of Destiny is the spear that killed Jesus Christ, and it has been missing since World War 2.  When a man discovers it, the son of the devil, Mammon, wants to obtain it so that he can create a new Hell, Hell on Earth.  Even with the Spear of Destiny, there is one man standing in his way, his name is Constantine, John Constantine.

John Constantine is dying of lung cancer.  He has smoked thirty cigarettes a day for the past twenty years.  He also has a unique ability, he is able to see the half breeds on this earth for what they truly are.  He is there so that when a demon slips up, he will send it back to Hell where it belongs.  Unfortunately for John, he’s doomed to go to Hell as well because of the life he took.  Twenty years ago, he thought that he was crazy because he saw demons on this earth.  So he decided to end his life, and he was officially dead for two minutes, but he was revived.  Since he took his own life, he is doomed to go to Hell.  He has sent so many of its prisoners to Hell that he will do anything to go to Heaven, so he figures that the only way is to buy his way in by killing demons.

As Mammon kidnaps Angela, a twin who’s sister committed suicide, he possesses her and now it’s up to Constantine to save her and stop Mammon from turning the world into a Hell on Earth.

Constantine is fast moving.  It runs around two hours long, but it never stops.  I loved the camera angles in this film and the lighting.  The coloring reminded me of Dario Argento’s films.  Keanu Reeves was perfect in this role as the dark Constantine.  The CGI didn’t look bad, however Mammon looked more like an alien than a demon.  Overall, Constantine was a great start for theaters this year.  I recommend this film to those interested in an end of the world with Hell on earth type film.  I give Constantine a 7 out of 10.

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Posted on June 2, 2008

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