Cold Creek ManorPlot: Living in New York has become way too hard for Cooper Tilson and his family. The streets are way too dangerous for their children, being proven by the fact that their son almost gets killed when he is hit by a car on his way to school. Because of this, they decide that they should move out to the country somewhere, where their kids can be safe, as well as lead very productive lives. That is when their extraneous search for a new home begins.

After looking at many different houses in the country area of New York, they come across the last house on their list, Cold Creek Manor. The house turns out to be in pretty rough shape, but is such a great value, and so easy to fix up, that they decide to buy it. They think that they have the perfect house, in which to raise a family, but the only problem is that they have no idea about any of the secrets the house has. They’re about to find out the hard way, proving that their find of this house wasn’t a dream come true, but a horrific nightmare.

Review: I hadn’t heard many good reviews for this movie at all, but I still decided to see it, based on the fact that almost everything else at the movies was either Restricted, or crappy (excluding the Rundown, which kicked ass). I went in anticipating a crappy horror movie, but came out thinking that it was an okay thriller. It had a lot of elements that most high budget thrillers have, good acting, good directing, as well as a good premise. The only problem was that it never really picked up until at least half way through the movie.

The script was pretty well done, allowing for good character development during the first half of the movie. At least this made you kind of care about the characters, making this movie pretty effective. But, the problem was that it never really had anything scary or thrilling in it. Sure, there’s a bunch of snakes, but it’s not like snakes are something that everybody is afraid of (they just assumed that). Also, all of the parts that were meant to be scary were pretty half-assed. Some parts worked effectively, while others didn’t help the cause.

Overall: Despite what others have said, this wasn’t a huge waste of money, just something I definitely wouldn’t buy before seeing. While the first half of the movie seemed to go really slow, it really picked up during the latter half. The character development was one of this movie’s major pros, as well as good acting. The cons included poor execution of ideas, as well as some lackluster scenes meant to scare you, that don’t. Overall, I would have to say that this movie is worth a rental at best. You could go see it in theatres, but don’t buy it unless you have seen it first. It’s not a movie for everyone.

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Posted on June 2, 2008

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