Children of the Living DeadBack in 1968 there was a zombie outbreak.  They thought they got rid of them all, until 1986 when another outbreak happened.  Abbott Hayes was a serial killer.  His mother dressed him up as a girl for most of his life.   He grew up to become a serial killer.  He would kill young girls and keep their bodies in his house.  He wasn’t discovered until one night when he was pulled over because of his tail-light being busted out.  When he was pulled over they found a young girl in the trunk.  Later on Abbott Hayes was given the death penalty, but he was killed in prison.  In 1986 a zombie outbreak happened and Abbott Hayes got revenge on the police officers who put him in prison.  The sheriff and Tom Savini are the the police officers.  While killing zombies Tom Savini is killed by Abbott Hayes.   The sheriff runs for his life.  Fourteen years later Abbott Hayes returns and makes a group of teens, in a van, run off the road, crashing to their death.  A year later the zombies return.

I tried to like this film, I really did.  It was starting out very nicely.  Tom Savini had some kind of superhuman strength when he was facing those zombies.  He was killing them left and right.  Sadly, Tom Savini is only in it for about 10 minutes.  He gets killed by Abbott Hayes.   After that it just goes downhill.  The movie starts off with the ending of Night of the Living Dead.  Well, it’s more of a re-acting of it.  They are put in the exact same situation where they are shooting all the zombies.  Once we get to the present day part of the film, we learn that they are building a car lot on Abbott Hayes’s old place.  Soon enough we see that there are zombies attacking everyone.   But anyway, I really did try to like this film.  But sadly, the only good thing about this film was Tom Savini’s part.  If they would have kept him in it the entire film I may have actually liked it.  His role was amusing and action packed.   One thing that I really didn’t like about this film was that at times we’d hear people talking, but their mouth wouldn’t be moving.  And at times, I would watch their mouths and I’d hear what they were saying right before their mouth started to move.   I had no idea what was up with that.  I am glad that I rented this film instead of buying the DVD.  I tend to be very lenient on the zombie genre.  I have always enjoyed watching a zombie film, even the bad ones.  But this was just horrible.  I am glad this isn’t “Living Dead 4.”  It couldn’t even compare with those 3 films.  So, if you want to see this film, please rent it before buying it.  I give this movie a 2 out of 10.

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Posted on June 2, 2008

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