Children of the Corn 7: RevelationThe seventh chapter in the Children of the Corn series is “Children of the Corn 7: Revelation.”  This time we see the story of a lady named Jamie, who is in search for her Grandmother.  Just a few months before Jamie decides to give her Grandmother a visit, her grandmother has moved into this old apartment.  Once Jamie arrives to visit her grandmother she sees an eviction notice on the door.  Once she enters her grandmother’s room her grandmother is nowhere to be found.  Jamie gets the help of a police detective to help her track down her missing grandmother.  While she’s in the search, she notices that there are strange children running around the streets late at night, and running through the halls of the apartments.  When she tries and talks with these kids they just stare at her without moving and hardly ever speaking.  This town isn’t Gatlin, yet there are children that are much like the ones in Gatlin.  And this children have a dark secret about their past.  A secret that is up to Jamie to find out in order to find her Grandmother.

I have always been a Children of the Corn fan.   Sure, there was plenty of them that I didn’t care for.  This one starts out very slow.  The film starts off with this old lady having a dream of a fire with people being killed in the fire.  That old lady is Jamie’s grandmother.  Soon we meet Jamie and she is trying to find her grandmother.  When she first arrives at the apartment, she sees these strange kids in the elevator.  When I first saw the children I was wondering what is wrong with them.  They were nothing like the children from the previous films.  All these children would do is stand there and stare at Jamie.  One thing about this film is that Jamie should have left the town long before she decided to get out.  The first time she saw the strange accourance in the corn, she would have left then.  Instead she waits around in hopes to find her grandmother.  While she tries to find her grandmother, she stays at her grandmother’s apartment.  While there she meets her grandmother’s strange neighbors.  She meets a girl named Tiffany, a drug addict, an old guy in a wheel chair, and this paraniod guy who runs around with a gun in his hand the entire movie.  So overall, this wasn’t that bad of a Children of the Corn sequel.  I was a bit confused to not see the FBI story about the FBI chasing a killer into Gatlin.  That was the story that I’ve been hearing for the past year now, saying that that was going to be the plot of part 7.   I guess they changed their mind.  I hated seeing the CGI fire at the end of the film though.  It looked so bad and really hurt the film.  So overall, if you’re a die-hard Children of the Corn fan, then I recommend this sequel to you.   It’s a lot different then the previous films, and the children are very different.   And that’s all I’m going to say about the children because I don’t want to spoil anything.  So rent this film one night.  People who don’t like the Children of the Corn films will more then likely not like it.  But I thought it wasn’t that bad.   I give this movie a 6 out of 10.

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Posted on June 2, 2008

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