The Collector (2009)


In the 80’s you had Chucky, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees. In the 90’s more of the same with Candyman and The Leprechaun thrown in for some variety. The fact is, horror fans – perhaps more than fans of any other genre – adore a good franchise. We will buy tickets, t-shirts, posters and all the […]

Orphan (2009)


Disturbances in home and family life have been staple fodder for horror for as long as it’s been a genre and even murderous child tales are nothing terribly new, but when they’re done right they can be some of the scariest films because the whole concept of the ultimately innocent among us being raving lunatics […]

The Final Destination (2009)


In case you are not familiar with the Final Destination horror franchise, the plots are all along a basic frame work that operates like this: a teen sees a flash back of a way that they and their friends will end up dying if they do not avoid a certain situation, the group avoids the […]

Drag Me to Hell (2000)


While there are plenty of movies out there about demons, curses and other things of nasty supernatural ilk, many of these movies don’t quite have the budget to pull off the story in a believable way. It’s always going to take a little extra pizzazz on the part of a film crew to make the […]

Jennifer’s Body (2009)


When it comes to fun horror movies, especially of the blackly comic variety, you can never go wrong by using virgin sacrifices to Satan that go wholly awry because the girl is not actually a virgin. In Jennifer’s Body, as in all horror movies today, there are no virgins because as anyone in Hollywood can […]

Sorority Row (2009)


When you pop a DVD of a horror flick titled ‘Sorority Row’ into your DVD player, you really aren’t looking to find yourself deeply engaged in a realistic portrayal of college life or heart-rending drama about the difficulties of being a girl whose parents have the sort of money that gets one into a sorority. […]

Cloverfield (2008)


It has arguably been quite some time since a movie in the style of the classic ‘creature features’ of the 1950’s has come out and actually accomplished anything beyond getting an audience to giggle nervously. In our science saturated times it can be very difficult to get people to be afraid of monsters unless they […]

Case 39 (2009)


Type: Horror / Suspense Release Date: September 18, 2009 Director: Christian Alvart Screenplay: Ray Wright Image Manager: Hagen Bogdanski Music: Michl Britsch Production: 2009, USA / Canada, 109 min. Actors: Renée Zellweger (Emily Jenkins) , Jodelle Ferland (Lillith Sullivan) , Ian McShane (Detective Mike Barron) , Kerry O’Malley (Margaret Sullivan) , Callum Keith Rennie (Edward […]


Salvation of the Terminator Franchisee Anti-Warning: The following review of Terminator Salvation does not contain spoilers that will hamper a good cinematic experience of the film. The name of the film is as prophetic as it is ironic. After the disappointment of T3 which was more or less a remake of the second, Termination Salvation […]

AM1200 (2008)


Type: Horror / Short Film Director: David Prior Screenplay: David Prior Image Manager: Brian Hoodenpyle Production: 2008, USA, 39 min. Actors: John Billingsley (Jonah Henry) , Eric Lange (Sam Larson) , Stephanie Venditto (Helen) , Ray Wise (Harry Jones) A company employee, together with colleagues within the company turns a game, but fails. Friend to […]