Movie goers, particularly those who are fans of the horror genre, are often presented with a film that is ‘based on actual events’ or some rendition of that enticing phrase. In all actuality, this generally means next to nothing in terms of the movie’s promise to scare you with something real. The Haunting in Connecticut […]

Friday the 13th (2009)


In terms of highly marketable horror movie franchises, few titles have ever amassed quite the global fan base that the Friday the 13th series enjoys. The iconic Jason Voorhees, camper slaughtering machine that he is, certainly has gathered a few fans in his hockey mask and tattered coat. His efficiency with a machete is probably […]

Grotesque (2009)


If you thought the SAW movies were a little harsh or if Hostel sickened you a little, here’s some advice: stay the hell away from Grotesque! Seriously. This movie really did get banned in Britain to the point that it cannot be sold within the country legally. That’s a harsh and rarely imposed sentence on […]

Paranormal Activity (2009)


From the moment we heard about Paranormal Activity, it was clear this movie was going to be a winning horse in the race for the season’s biggest horror newcomer. We’ve hyped this movie because it really did look like something new and different, made with a very low budget and relying more on tension than […]

Seed of Chucky (2004)


Chucky took a turn for the silly in his fourth film, Bride of Chucky, but now in Seed of Chucky we can toss aside all concerns about being even vaguely frightened of the wisecracking sociopathic doll. If you’re planning to see this movie for the first time you can definitely benefit from having a full […]

Saw VI (2009)


Those already familiar with the Saw series are not going to need an extended introduction for Saw VI, but it can be summarized as saying that it is a fair stretch more inventive than the fifth Saw movie. Those who have not seen any of this series will wonder what you’re missing if this is […]

Pandorum (2009)


As far as effective outer space horror movies go, they tend to be few and far between if you’re looking for anything of quality. That’s why Pandorum seemed as if it might be something of a shot in the dark, despite boasting veteran astronaut actor Dennis Quaid. Considering that the entire movie takes place aboard […]

Halloween II (2009)


Most long time horror fans are intimately familiar with the world famous horror franchise Halloween. This set of absolutely iconic horror films showcases masked psychopath Michael Meyers, chasing after Jamie Lee Curtis and stabbing most everyone else who he chances upon. The genius of John Carpenter was applied to the original movies back in the […]

Thirst (2009)


Given the popularity of the vampire genre and the separate but equally popular Asian horror style, it was inevitable that these two worlds would collide. If what you have in mind is the mind-numbingly popular Twilight as directed by Takashi Shimizu (Ju-On / The Grudge) then you may want to adjust your sights. South Korean […]

My Bloody Valentine 3D (2009)


In terms of popular slasher movies, My Bloody Valentine is not at the top of the heap. This 3D version of the film is a remake of the Canadian original that few horror fans will be familiar with. You are more likely to have heard of the Irish shoegazing band of the same name. Despite […]