Mulberry Street (2007)


Whenever there’s a movie set in New York City, wondering if there might be rats is just part of the game plan. In Mulberry Street, we get to have a dose of rats in a whole new way that is a shining part of what separates this film from a host of other horror films […]

The Midnight Meat Train (2008)


Are you familiar with the first Hellraiser movie? That’s probably the finest level of atmosphere captured on film that translates some of what Clive Barker (the creative horror genius behind both Midnight Meat Train and Hellraiser) offers in his fiction. In recent memory, no other film has gone to quite the same lengths to display […]

The 3rd Floor (2007)


When it comes to low budget films, there are those that follow the Blair Witch type, such as Paranormal Activity – films which really do have a higher budget than some might believe – and there are those films which genuinely are made on next to nothing but passion. The 3rd floor is of this […]

Splinter (2008)


As far as zombie type movies go, the ever popular ‘reason’ we horror fans are frequently given is that there’s been this terrible plague that is re-animating the dead and so now they shamble the Earth, etc. This is all well and fine, but an occasional twist on this particular theme is definitely welcome, wouldn’t you say? The […]

Severed (2005)


All independent films have to have a unique hook if they want to get noticed, that is simply how the game is played. In the case of the lower budget end of the scale, being able to use cheaper locations is going to be a major boon to any filmmaker. If you mix this with […]

The Quick and The Undead (2006)


Well, there’s a saying among film reviewers that goes something along the lines of, ‘for every good movie you review, if you really are watching everything you get your hands on, there are going to be some that make you wish you didn’t have to write the review for.’ The Quick and The Undead is one […]


As far as really slick and highly entertaining darker films go, the Underworld might not be considered traditional horror in the minds of some fans, but when you’ve got vampires and werewolves in a movie then it’s horror as far as this reviewer is concerned. That goes for Twilight, as well, since it has definitely […]

New Moon (2009)


Unless movie fans have been living in a cave for the past 2 years, they already know more than enough about blushing, flustered knee knocker Bella Swan and her desperately loved chunk of sparkling vampiric marble, Edward Cullen. When Stephenie Meyer first graced the world with her dream inspired vampire romance novel now known as […]

The House of the Devil (2009)


With a title like The House of the Devil you know you are getting into satanic waters and that whatever goes on is bound to be evil on some level or other. In this particular instance, we’re looking at a film that is not a grind ‘em up splatter fest filled with laughing diabolicals, but […]

Zombieland (2009)


In a world where many people long for an apocalypse simply to break up the confusing scenarios we live in as a global culture, it’s no surprise that a zombie apocalypse makes for a fascinating subject that a mass audience can enjoy. The idea of reverting back to an ancestral state and having to survive […]