Mega Piranha (2010)


There are always going to be creature features that really manage to live in the mind forever, but that is rarely due to the fact that they are frightening real, believable and gripping from start to finish. It is very rare to find such a gem of a film that features a monster so incredibly […]

Stagnight (2010)


There are all sorts of frat or sorority oriented horror flicks out there. When there are parties, be they mixed gender or all of one gender – there is bound to be trouble if it’s in a horror flick. This is especially true for guys, isn’t it? In the UK they refer to a bachelor […]

Blood Forest (2010)


Now there are many different creature features out there in the horror movie world today and a few of these will riff on the ever popular ‘urban legend’ type of tale that borrows from folklore. Perhaps Bigfoot (or Yeti or even Sasquatch, if you prefer) is not so much an urban legend as a rural […]

Tony (2010)


If you are a fan of British indie horror then you may have heard of Tony, at least the short film version. For those fans of the serial killer sub genre of horror, this will be right up your alley as it depicts a rather loathsome character who is from a part of London that […]

Knife Edge (2008)


If you are a fan of lesser known underground horror then you might have heard about Knife Edge. The movie is more or less the tale of a haunting and after seeing the trailer, this reviewer decided it just might be worth checking out. The director of the piece, a Mr. Anthony Hickox, you might […]

100 Feet (2008)


While this is a fairly new movie, 100 Feet is definitely not the average fare for a typical haunting. If you like ghost tales then this one might be right up your alley, but be warned that it is pretty brutal even though it has already been shown on TV in the United States. The […]

Taxidermia (2010)


When it comes to non English films, there will always be a segment of the horror movie crowd that simply must expand its vision of horror into new countries, especially to check out the latest from different parts of the world that may be able to offer a whole new twist on our favorite genre. […]

The Descent (2006)


Those who have fond memories of 2002’s breakthrough werewolf hit Dog Soldiers will already know that Neil Marshall isn’t kidding around when it comes to directing a great movie. This is a man with a passion for film who is going to go the distance to bring the audience what it wants. This time, the […]

The Mist (2007)


Finding a gem in Stephen King’s work is not all that hard and The Mist, which was first published by King as a novella in a 1980’s horror anthology called Dark Forces and then again in 1985 as part of his short story collection Skeleton Crew, a tremendous read. If you have read the original […]

Eden Lake (2009)


In any horror movie where you have a couple going camping, you can pretty much guarantee that things are not going to turn out as planned. This is certainly the case for Eden Lake, a UK horror film that goes above and beyond the call of duty in showcasing the sheer depravity that people, youths […]