Cabin FeverTo celebrate graduation, a group of five college friends decide to rent a cabin deep in the woods for a weekend.  Everything is going to be perfect, that is until one of them gets sick.  With one of them infected with a flesh eating virus, the remaining ones begin to think that she could infect any of them, so they decide to lock her out.  Now, thinking that any one of them could be next to come down with this virus, the friends try to stay away from each other, that is until more of them start to get sick.

A hermit is out hunting with his dog when he notices that his dog isn’t moving.  He inspects the body of his dog and as he lifts the dog up, it splits in half and blood splatters in the hermit’s face.  Meanwhile, a group of five college friends have just completed finals and are heading off to a remote cabin in the woods.  On their way, they stop by a local’s store and grab a few drinks.  There they meet Dennis, his crazy dad, and the odd old man.  After the college friends leave, they head to the cabin.  There, they decide to drink a few drinks and just hang out, that is until the night comes.  Once the sun goes down, the hermit from earlier arrives at the cabin in desperate need of medical attention.  The friends are terrified that they will catch something from this hermit, so they lock him out.  The hermit then tries to steal their car so the kids go out and bang on the car trying to get him out.  When he finally gets out, they accidentally catch him on fire and he runs off in the woods.  The kids then try to get back with their vacation, but are unsettled by the way this hermit’s flesh was rotting off his face.  They decide that they need to leave, that is until one of them gets sick.  Now, as they try to find a way to get medical attention for this girl, as well as avoid her so that they don’t catch it, more of them start to get infected.  Now, as they try to survive their vacation, they are terrified of one another and reach the point to where they will kill anyone who comes near them.

This year has already proven to be a great year for horror films, and Cabin Fever is another one that ranks among the best of them.  Cabin Fever brings horror back to where it was in the 1970’s with intense violence and gore.  The acting was pretty good, but at times could have been a bit better.  Rider Strong is nothing like he was in Boy Meets World, as he plays our main character of this film.  The characters were very well developed as each of their personalities are exploited from the first moment each one of them speak.  The movie starts out as somewhat of a comedy, and it really doesn’t let up in being a comedy.  The character of Bert had the audience cracking up for most of the film.  Once Karen gets infected, the film quickly changes its pace and becomes a solid horror film, yet it still includes some decent comedy.  The cop was hilarious as he wants to throw a party throughout the entire film.  He goes up to the truck where the kids killed the hermit the night before and he just thinks that they need to throw a party.  Cabin Fever definitely pays homage to the likes of Evil Dead, but still remains as its own film.  I liked how Eli Roth portrayed Rider Strong’s character as he has to witness each of his friends become infected.  Overall, if you want to check out a really good gore fest, I recommend you checking out Cabin Fever.  I give it a 9 out of 10.

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Posted on June 2, 2008

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