Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 5In Buffy’s most apocalyptic season yet, Buffy must face a god named Glory.  Glory is a good that used to rule a hell dimension with two other gods.  She became very powerful and the other two gods decided to get rid of her before she got rid of them.  The other two gods barely won and sent Glory into the body of a new born male.  This new born would spend the next 25 years of his life with his new sister, Glory, and when the time comes Glory will be able to go back home.  The only catch to Glory going back home is that she has to find a key that will unlock the gateway to her world.  A group of monks do not want Glory to find this key because once the key has been activated, all the other hell dimensions will bleed into the earth dimension and it will cause hell on earth.  Every living being in every dimension will suffer horribly and will die.  Therefor, the monks send the key to Buffy in the form of a sister.  Buffy must now protect her new sister, named Dawn, from Glory.  Dawn was giving every memory she could have had for the past 14 years of her life, as if they really existed.  With Glory on the lookout for her key, Buffy must now face her most apocalyptic battle yet.

5 x 1  Buffy vs. Dracula:  In the Season 5 opener for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy must face the deadliest vampire, and most famous vampire she has ever faced.  That vampire is Dracula.  Dracula has come to Sunnydale in hopes of turning Buffy into a vampire, and he has a few tricks that other vampires don’t have, such as turning into smoke, bats, wolves, and is even able to avoid being staked.

We start off the season with Buffy doing an old fashioned staking of a vampire.  Within moments Dracula makes his way into town by arriving in a coffin and rising to kill the ones who are carrying him.  In the next scene we see Giles and Willow talking.  Giles explains to Willow how Buffy no longer needs a watcher and that he will leave soon to go back home to England.  That night Willow and Xander go with Buffy while she is patrolling.  Though, they aren’t the only ones who are there with Buffy.  Buffy has a new fan who watches her stake a vampire, and that fan is Dracula.  Buffy tries to stake him, but can’t because he disappears and reappears elsewhere.  Dracula leaves Buffy, telling her that they will meet again in the future.  Soon, Dracula makes Xander his day person by using a mind control trick that he knows.  He tries to get Buffy to join him, and Buffy goes for it, that is until she realizes just what she has to do.

This was a pretty good episode.  I have seen better episodes on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but for a season premier, this was a really good one.  The creators have managed to give us a season premier that is very unforgettable, especially since she is fighting one of the most famous vampires of all time.  At the end of the episode, we are introduced to something very new to the show, and it will start off the main story of this season.

5 x 2  Real Me:  A group of vampires, lead by Harmony, want to kill Buffy.  They have been studying up on the weaknesses of a slayer and have decided to kidnap Dawn, Buffy’s little sister, in hopes of leading Buffy into a trap.

The episode opens with Buffy training and Dawn writing in a diary.  The remainder of the episode we get brief commentary from Dawn.  Buffy, Giles, Dawn, and the gang are going to go to the Magic Shop, but when they arrive there they discover that the shop owner was murdered during the night.  As night roles around, Buffy and Riley have to go patrolling, but Joyce wants someone to stay and watch after Dawn.  Buffy says she will get Xander to do it.  Xander and Anya arrive, and while they are there with Dawn, Harmony decides to show up with her “minions” as she likes to call them.  Xander, Anya, and Dawn wait inside the house while Harmony tries to threaten them, but can’t come in.  Dawn gives Harmony a threat saying to come in and make those threats, at this point, Harmony comes in.  Xander and Anya fight Harmony out of the house.  Later on, Buffy arrives and she laughs at the fact that Harmony has minions.  What she doesn’t find funny is that Dawn invited Harmony into her house.  The next night, Harmony returns and kidnaps Dawn.  Harmony hopes that this will trick Buffy into walking into her trap.  Of course, Buffy goes after Harmony to save Dawn.

This was a pretty good episode.  We get brief commentaries from Dawn throughout the episode.  We also meet a guy who says to Dawn, “I know you, you’re curds and way.”  This is a refernce to Graduation Day part 2, where Faith makes reference of Dawn’s coming.  This episode kind of hints to something that was planned back in season 3.  Another thing I liked about this episode is that Tom Lenk has a role in it.  He plays the vampire, Cyrus, who is one of Harmony’s minions.  Tom Lenk will return to the show of Buffy in Seasons 6 and 7 playing Andrew Wells.

5 x 3  The Replacement:  When a demon named Toth sets out to split Buffy in two, his spell goes wrong and he ends up splitting Xander in two.  Now with each Xander thinking the other Xander is evil, Buffy and the gang must stop both Xander’s from killing the other because they are the same person, only split into two parts and one can’t survive without the other.

The episode opens Xander trying to find a new apartment.  He takes Anya and his friends to a very nice apartment, where Anya states that she wants it no matter what.  Meanwhile, a demon named Toth pays Giles a visit at the Magic Shop.  Toth is in search for Buffy, but when Giles fights back, Toth throws him aside and walks away.  That night, Buffy and the gang find Spike in the city dump.  As they question Spike, Toth arrives and starts shooting at them with his magic staff.  He misses Buffy and hits Xander.  As the scoobies help Xander up, Toth disappears.  The next morning, Xander wakes up in the dump and finds his life turned totally upside down as he sees himself, but not him, living his life better than he is.

This is a pretty memorable episode.  I always liked the episodes that deal directly with Xander.  He’s the scoobie that doesn’t have much power, instead he’s the normal one of the group.  These episodes always end with something that shows Xander’s importance to the group.  Much like in the episode, The Zeppo, in Season 3 where Xander saves the school.  In this episode, we see Riley confiding in Xander, instead of telling any of the others, he chooses Xander.  This was a fun, and also a memorable episode.

5 x 4  Out of My Mind:  As a result of all the experiments that Professor Walsh did on Riley, his heart rate is going much faster than the normal rate.  His strength is increasing rapidly, and all this can result in a massive heart attack.  Joyce becomes ill.  And Spike tries to get his chip removed.

The episode opens with Riley and Buffy slaying a number of vampires, then Spike joins them and tries to help kill some.  Buffy and Riley walk away and leave Spike after they have slayed the vampires and Spike vows to kill Buffy.  Later on, Harmony goes to Spike’s crypt and asks him to let her stay there because she thinks Buffy is out to kill her.  The next morning, as Joyce is cooking breakfast, she faints.  Dawn calls the hospital and Buffy and Riley meet them there.  This is when they discover Riley’s condition as well.  Buffy alerts the Initiative about Riley’s condition and they come and tell him that there is a doctor that can help him.  Riley then goes into hiding and tries to avoid going under the knife.  Meanwhile, Spike kidnaps the doctor who can help Riley and requests that the doctor removes Spike’s chip.

This was a pretty good episode.  It wasn’t as entertaining as the previous one was, but we do get a glimpse of Spike trying to become evil again.  The opening scene was quite hilarious, and the final scene was very shocking.  Of course, this scene will lead up more into the storyline of Season 6.

5 x 5  No Place Like Home:  Buffy’s mom’s condition is worsening.  When a crazy patient in the hospital says that something will attack her family, Buffy, thinking that her mother’s illness is caused by a spell, does a spell that allows her to see when spells are performed.  As a result she uncovers something about Dawn.

The episode opens with two monks performing a spell, and a giant pounding on a door.  Something monsterous wants in.  They refer to whatever it is as “The Beast.”  We then see Buffy staking a vampire right outside, and a security guard finding her.  He tells her she needs to leave because this isn’t a place for her.  He gives her a yellow orb to her, neither one of them knowing what it is.  She brings the orb to Giles wanting him to investigate.  When Buffy finds her mom still feeling ill, she goes to the hospital and a crazy patient grabs her and tells her that something is out to get her family.  Buffy then does a spell that allows her to see spells.  This is when she starts to see Dawn disappear and reappear over and over again.  Buffy goes back to the warehouse and tries to figure out what’s going on.  This is when she runs into the Beast and all her questions become answered.

This was a pretty good episode that introduced us to this season’s big bad.  Instead of fighting a vampire like in the first two seasons, or a demon, like in season 3, or a half human half robot like in season 4, Buffy now meets the Beast, as the monks like to call it.  The Beast is actually Glory, a girl who looks around the same age as Buffy.  Buffy will learn more about Glory as the season goes on.  But this was a great way to introduce her as well as a good way to explain why Buffy all of the sudden has a sister.

5 x 6  Family:  As Tara’s birthday comes near, her friends prepare to throw her a surprise party.  Things go wrong when Tara’s family comes into town and wants to bring Tara with them.  Meanwhile, Glory sends out a group of demons to kill the slayer.

The episode picks up the same night as the previous episode.  The next morning the scoobies are sitting in the Magic Shop, thinking over what to get Tara for her birthday.  While they are discussing it, a young man walks into the store.  He acts quite odd, but when Tara walks in he introduces himself has her older brother.  This is when the rest of Tara’s family comes in.  They want Tara to go home with them.  They tell Tara that she must go him with them or else they will let her friends know that she is part demon.  It is a tale that has been passed down throughout her family to keep the girls in line.  They later discover, by Spike showing them, that Tara is not a demon.  Anyway, meanwhile, as all this is taking place Glory meets up with a demon and tells him to kill the slayer.  They attack the gang at the Magic Shop and it is up to Tara to save them.

This was an all right episode.  We get to see a little bit more of Glory, but she doesn’t fight Buffy in this episode.  The best parts of this episode were the scenes with Spike.  I can still remember the first episode that he appeared in.  He always had that touch of humanity in him, now he is saving Buffy while she doesn’t even notice.

5 x 7  Fool For Love:  When Buffy is wounded in battle with a vampire, she wants to learn about other slayer’s final battles.  She turns to Spike with her questions since he has killed two in the past.  This brings up Spike’s story as to what had happened in his past.

The episode opens with Buffy fighting a vampire.  The vampire gets the better of Buffy and ends up staking her with her own stake.  She tries to get away, but the vampire continues to go after her.  Riley jumps in and scares the vampire away.  The next morning we find Buffy being stitched up by Riley.  Buffy asks Giles about the details of slayer’s deaths, but there is no history as to what killed them.  She then turns to Spike and the two go into a bar and Spike tells her his life story.  Meanwhile, Riley, Willow, Xander, and Anya go after the vampire who hurt Buffy.

This was a pretty good episode and it lets us learn a bit more about Spike.  We see how he kills the two slayers that he killed.  There are also special guest appearances by Drusilla, Darla, and Angelus.  This was a pretty good episode, and the ending was very good.

5 x 8  Shadow:  As Buffy’s mom goes under more tests, the doctors discover that she has a brain tumor.  Meanwhile, Glory summons a demon snake that will be able to locate the Key.  With the snake knowing who the key is, Buffy must stop the snake before it reaches Glory.

We start the episode with Joyce undergoing more tests where the doctors see a shadow in the X-Rays.  Glory gets ingredients for a spell from one of her minions, and she sets off to the Magic Box so that she can get all the ingredients.  Riley goes to Buffy’s house and finds Spike there, this is when Spike tells Riley about Joyce.  Meanwhile, as everyone else is at the Magic Box, Glory pays them a visit and buys the ingredients she needs.  After Glory leaves, Anya recognizes what Giles had sold her and tells him how it was a bad idea.  This is when they discover that they just sold the ingredients to Glory.  Glory goes to the Sunnydale Zoo and finds a snake.  She performs a spell and turns the snake into a giant demon snake.  Buffy finds Glory there, but isn’t able to stop her.  That night, as everyone is in the Magic Box, the snake arrives and discovers that Dawn is the key.

This was a pretty good episode.  We finally learn what exactly is wrong with Joyce.  We also see more into the relationship with Riley and Buffy.  We are seeing how Riley feels like he doesn’t mean that much to Buffy as Angel did, and therefore making him pay a visit to a vampire.

5 x 9  Listening to Fear:  A creature summoned from outer space has landed in Sunnydale and it has an appetite for the crazy people Glory has been creating.  After it goes to the hospital and kills all the crazy people, it sets its eyes on Joyce, and Buffy must stop this creature before it gets to her mom.

The episode opens with Joyce telling the doctors that she wants to go home.  The doctor says that they can allow this, but Buffy will have to watch Joyce constantly.  Meanwhile, Xander, Giles, and Willow are out patrolling where Willow stakes two vampires.  Riley was a no show because he has gone back to the vampire crypt and is allowing vampires to feed off of him.  The next night, Willow and Tara witness a shooting star come crashing into earth.  They call up the gang and go to investigate.  Once they arrive at the crash site they discover a space ship, but with nothing inside.  They soon find the body of a crazy man.  Riley calls for the help of the Initiative as the creature goes to the hospital and kills all the crazies there.  Once Riley reaches the hospital and finds out what happened, they discover that it has followed Buffy home and is now at Buffy’s home.

This was a pretty good episode.  Joyce discovers the secret behind Dawn and tells Buffy that no matter what, Buffy must look out for Dawn as if they were truly sisters.  One thing about this episode is that the creature reminded me of Belial from the film Basket Case.

5 x 10  Into the Woods:  Riley has been secretly going to a vampire nest and allowing them to feed off of him for some time now.  When Spike reveals Riley’s secret to Buffy, things go terribly wrong.  Buffy and Riley can face a breakup.  Riley is offered a job by the military again, and he must now choose between staying with Buffy, or rejoin the military.

The episode opens with Buffy and everyone finding out that the surgery for Joyce went very well.  Everyone goes home, while Joyce remains in the hospital for more testing.  Soon, Riley continues to go to the vampire nest and allow them to feed off of him.  Spike, still standing in Buffy’s yard trying to somewhat stalk her, sees Spike leave Buffy’s house.  He follows Riley to the vampire nest and believes that this is something that Buffy needs to see.  The next night, Spike takes Buffy to the vampire nest and this is when she sees Riley allowing himself to be bitten.  Buffy then goes to the Magic Box and the next morning, she goes and torches the nest.  As for Riley, when he went back home he found the military there and they tell him that they want his help in fighting demons on the other side of the world.  Now both Riley and Buffy must make a decision that will change both of their lives forever.

This was a very good episode.  Again, we get an ending that brings forth Xander’s importance again.  The final scene in the episode was great.  There wasn’t really much fighting in this episode, except for when the vampires attack Buffy.  Overall, this was a good episode.

5 x 11  Triangle:  Giles leaves Sunnydale and heads to England to meet with the Watcher’s Council to find out some information about Glory.  He leaves Willow and Anya in charge of the Magic Box.  They conjure up a spell and it brings forth a deadly troll who wants to destroy the town.

The episode opens with Xander and Anya.  Xander asks Anya about how Buffy is taking Riley’s leaving.  The next scene we see Buffy stake a vampire in a convent and want to learn about becoming a nun.  The next day, Giles tells Buffy about how he is leaving to get some answers from the Watcher’s Council.  He leaves and makes Anya and Willow in charge of the Magic Box.  Willow wants to help Buffy by giving her a spell that will give her a ball of sunlight to help her fight vampires.  The spell goes wrong and a giant troll is unleashed.  The troll just happens to be connected with Anya, from about a thousand years ago.

This was one of the weakest episodes this season.  I didn’t really care much for the troll villain.  It didn’t give us much information on Glory, in fact she’s not even featured in this episode.  Buffy is constantly crying over Riley leaving, and it got annoying after a while.  Luckily, this episode was good for a few laughs, but it’s still the weakest this season.

5 x 12  Checkpoint:  The Watcher’s Council have come to Sunnydale with very important information about Glory.  They are willing to give this to Buffy, but first Buffy must face a series of tests to see if she’s capable of knowing such knowledge.  Meanwhile, Glory pays a visit to Buffy’s home in search for the key.  And Buffy will find out some very shocking news about what exactly Glory is.

The episode opens with the scoobies talking at Buffy’s home.  Buffy is telling them how Glory wants the key.  When she thinks that Dawn is listening in, she makes Dawn go back upstairs.  The next day, the Watcher’s Council pays a visit to Sunnydale and closes the shop down early.  They then begin a test of Buffy’s skills.  They question each of her friends.  Meanwhile, Buffy finds Glory waiting for her at her house and the two of them have a somewhat civilized conversation.  Dawn walks in and Glory tries to get Dawn to tell her what the key is.  Glory makes a threat to Buffy so Buffy makes Dawn and Joyce stay with Spike for a while.

This was a much better episode than the previous one was.  We finally learn more about Glory.  We learn that Glory isn’t a demon, instead she is a god.  We are also introduced to the Knights of Byzantium, who will play a much larger role later on this season.

5 x 13  Blood Ties:  As Buffy’s birthday draws near, Dawn discovers that she is actually the key that Glory has been looking for.  Dawn thinks that she isn’t real and she runs out in the night only to run right into the hands of Glroy.

The episode opens with Buffy telling the scoobies that Dawn is the key.  After they find this out they begin to act somewhat weird around here.  She thinks that they are talking about her and that Buffy is trying to protect her from words.  Dawn steps outside and finds Spike standing out there.  Dawn tells Spike that she’s going out.  Spike refuses to let her go, but Dawn said he can help her steal stuff, so he decides to go along.  He figures that a big bad vampire like him could protect her from other demons.  The two head to the Magic Box where Dawn finds Giles’s diary.  Spike reads it and they discover that Dawn is the key.  When Dawn goes back home, she cuts herself and asks everyone if her blood is real.  Later that night, she leaves the house and goes to the hospital, this is when she learns a chilling discovery about the connection between Ben and Glory, only she won’t remember it once Buffy arrives.

This was a great follow up to the previous episode.  Dawn finally realizes that she is the key that Glory is looking for.  I really liked the way Ben and Glory are connected.  It’s more of a Jekyll and Hyde thing.  It also tells us that once one of them changes into the other, the person who saw won’t remember.  Very good episode!

5 x 14  Crush:  Buffy is inspecting a train murder where all the victims had neck wounds.  Spike reveals his feelings for Buffy, but she rejects him coldly.  This sends Spike back into the arms of the one who arrived on the train the night before, and that is Drusilla.

The episode opens with Buffy and the gang at the Bronze.  Spike sees Buffy by herself and goes to sit with her.  She asks him why he even bothers and he leaves.  We then see a train arriving in Sunnydale, full of dead bodies.  The train attendant walks into the train and is caught by something monsterous.  Dawn decides to go and hang out with Spike at his crypt because she sees Spike as the only one who will treat her like a human and let her know things.  The next night, Spike tells Buffy that he has a lead on the vampires from the train and takes her to where they are.  Buffy finds out that these vampires had nothing to do with the train and she thinks that Spike just got her there because it was in his sick mind, a date.  Buffy rejects him and he goes back to his home.  This is when Drusilla shows up, and the two go to the Bronze.  Drusilla kills a girl and lets Spike feed.  When they arrive back to Spike’s crypt, Buffy is waiting.  Spike chains up both Buffy and Drusilla and wants Buffy to admit that she also has feelings for him.

This was a pretty good episode.  I loved the return of Drusilla.  She has been making an appearance on Angel, and she references it to how her and Darla are trying to turn Angel back into his old self.  Drusilla was always a character that could make the show a bit creepier with just her presence.  The final scene of this episode was amazing and you really do have to feel for the way Buffy treats Spike.

5 x 15  I Was Made to Love You:  A very strange girl arrives in Sunnydale in search of a guy named Warren.  She goes door to door and asks everyone she sees if they know who Warren is.  Buffy tries to track down Warren when they discover that this girl is in fact a robot and can be very dangerous.

We open with Buffy taking her anger out while training and Joyce preparing to go on a date.  While walking down the street, Anya and Tara run into a girl named April who is looking for Warren.  Later that night at a part at the Bronze, April arrives there still looking for Warren.  She runs into Spike and throws Spike through a window.  Buffy steps up to her and she throws Buffy aside.  The gang then decides that this girl is a robot and they begin searching for Warren.  When Buffy finds Warren, April arrives and runs into Warren’s current girlfriend.

This was a pretty good episode.  It mixes the comedy and action in nicely.  We are first introduced to the character of Warren in this episode.  We won’t see him anymore this season, but he will return in Season 6 with the character of Jonathan, and the new character of Andrew who decide to become Buffy’s archenemies because they are bored.

5 x 16  The Body:  Joyce reaches further complications from her surgery which causes her to have a brain aneurysm.  When Buffy finds her mother, there is nothing she can do.  The doctors say that it was instant and that Joyce probably felt little to no pain.

We start right where the previous episode left off with Buffy finding her mother laying on the couch.  Buffy tries to wake her mother up but Joyce doesn’t respond.  Buffy then calls 911 and they tell her that the paramedics are already on their way and for Buffy to give her CPR.  Buffy tries to, but it does no good.  When the paramedics arrive, they say there is nothing that can be done for her and they take Joyce to the hospital.  Buffy calls Giles and goes to pick up Dawn and tell her what happened.  Meanwhile, Xander and Anya go to Willow’s and Tara’s dorm room to pick them up so that they can meet everyone else at the hospital.  While at the hospital the doctor tells Buffy about everything that happened.

This was quite possibly one of the best episodes that ever appeared on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  It’s not my favorite by means of enjoyment, but it is the best written and directed episode ever in my opinion.  A character that has been on the show since the first episode leaves.  There are no signs of Glory, even though she did make a threat a few episodes back.  There is also no music throughout the entire episode.  I felt that it added to the atmosphere that this episode had.  Not to mention this was one of the best episodes in terms of acting.  Everyone did a great job.

5 x 17  Forever:  Everyone prepares for Joyce’s funeral when Angel comes to town to comfort Buffy.  Meanwhile, Dawn tries to learn the secret of resurrection so she gets the help of Spike and tries to complete a spell that will bring Joyce back to life.

Everyone is getting ready for Joyce’s funeral.  Buffy tries to decide what exactly to put in the paper.  The next day everyone is at Joyce’s funeral.  Dawn doesn’t want to go back home so she stays with Willow and Tara.  Buffy stays until it gets dark and Angel arrives in Sunnydale.  The two of them talk for a while, but that will be the only scene we will see with the two of them.  The rest of the episode centers around Dawn as she steals a book from the Magic Box and goes in search for the right ingredients.  Spike takes her to a shop owned by a guy named Doc, who gives her everything that she needs.  As Dawn performs the spell, Buffy must convince Dawn why this should not take place.  Meanwhile, Glory discovers that the key is in human form.

This was a pretty good episode.  It was excellently acted as well as written.  Angel returns for a brief scene where him and Buffy talk.  After that I guess it was back to L.A.  Some things I liked about this episode was that Glory discovers that the key is human, and Ben tried to protect Dawn by trying to kill one of those minions of Glory’s.  We are also introduced to Doc, who will play a bigger role later this season.

5 x 18  Intervention:  Still grieving over the loss of Joyce, Buffy feels that being the slayer is making her lose the ability to love.  Giles tells her about a retreat she can go on that will help her find answers to the questions she has.  Spike’s Buffy-Bot arrives and takes the place of Buffy while the real Buffy is away.  When Glory’s minions see Buffy with Spike, they think that Spike is the key and they take him to Glory.

Giles has been helping Buffy and Dawn maintain the house since Joyce is gone.  Buffy tells Giles about how she is feeling and he tells her to go on a question.  She then leaves for a few days and is guided by the spirit of the first slayer.  The first slayer tells Buffy that death is her gift.  Meanwhile back in Sunnydale, Spike’s Buffy-Bot is causing up trouble as everyone thinks that Buffy has gone crazy.  Jinx, the minion of Glory’s told her that the key is a person.  She wants them to find the key by means of one she protects the most.  They see the Buffy-Bot protecting Spike and they take Spike.  Glory then tortures Spike trying to find out who the key is because she knows he’s not the key because he’s a vampire.

This was a pretty good episode.  I especially liked the ending with Buffy telling Spike that what he did for her and Dawn, not telling Glory, that that was real.  She finally gives him some recognition.  Spike has been changing ever since we first met him in Season 2, now he’s finally getting recognition as one of the good guys.

5 x 19  Tough Love:  Buffy has to start acting like an authority figure now that Joyce is gone otherwise the school will take Dawn away from her.  Glory has decided not to wait on her monks to find the key, instead she will rip through each one of Buffy’s friends until she finds the key, thus starting the final battle between Buffy and Glory.

We start with Buffy having to have a meeting with Dawn’s principal.  The principal tells Buffy that Dawn has been skipping school and that if Buffy can’t control Dawn, they will have to put her in foster care.  Willow and Tara get into an argument and Willow leaves Tara alone.  Tara goes to a fair by herself where she runs into Glory.  Glory thinks that Tara is the key, but when she discovers that she isn’t, she decides to leave Buffy a message and does a brain-suck on Tara, turning her into one of the crazies that have been on the show this season.  Willow is furious and goes after Glory.  Buffy must go and keep Willow from getting killed, thus making Glory chase after them and discovering that Dawn is the key.

This was a really good episode that really sort of builds up into the rest of the season finale.  We get a glimpse at Willow as she uses every bit of her magic against Glory.  When this makes Glory go after them non-stop, it starts the battle that will continue until the final episode of this season.

5 x 20  Spiral:  With Glory knowing that Dawn is the key, Buffy and the gang are now on the run.  They think they may have managed to escape Glory, but the Knights of Byzantium have other plans as they try to hunt down Buffy and kill Dawn.

We pick up right where the previous episode left off with Glory discovering that Dawn is the key.  We then get an excellent chase scene leaving Buffy and Dawn barely escaping as an 18-wheeler crashes into Glory.  Buffy decides that the only thing they can do is run, so she gets Spike to get a Mobil home and they head away from Sunnydale.  Xander and Giles are against Spike helping them, but Buffy wants him along because he’s the only one that is strong enough to protect Dawn from Glory.  They are soon attacked by the Knights of Byzantium, leaving Giles severely wounded.  Buffy and the gang manage to get into an abandoned house where they become surrounded by the Knights of Byzantium.  Buffy then calls Ben to help Giles, but Glory decides to make her presence known.

This was a non-stop thrill ride of an episode.  The opening scene was brilliant with the way Buffy escapes.  The remainder of the episode we get Buffy trying to run so that Dawn can be safe.  With the final scene, we see as Glory turns into herself when Ben was trying to help them and runs out with Dawn, leaving Buffy sitting on the ground thinking that it is over.

5 x 21  The Weight of the World:  Now that Glory has Dawn, she will attempt to use to key to open the gateway to hell and as a result will release Hell on earth.  Thinking that there is no hope left, Buffy goes within her mind and leaves herself out of reality.  Willow decides to do a spell that will allow her to go into Buffy’s mind so that she can speak to her in order to get her to snap out of her mental state.

The show picks up right where the previous episode left off with Glory taking Dawn away.  Buffy falls to the ground and can’t deal with what is happening.  Willow decides to take charge of the group with the absence of Buffy and gives everyone orders.  She tells Anya to look after Tara and Xander and Spike to find out where Glory is.  Willow then performs a spell that allows her to go into Buffy’s mind.  Inside Buffy’s mind, Willow discovers that Buffy’s gift is death.  Therefor we see Buffy killing Dawn over and over again in her mind.  Meanwhile, Spike lets everyone know that Glory and Ben are the same person, but the humans can’t remember it because of the magic that Glory has worked and since Spike is a vampire, he can remember.  Glory is beginning to lose her grip on her reality as well and Ben is starting to take over, but Glory eventually gets Ben on her side and now if Willow can’t snap Buffy out of her mental state, the world will end.

This was a great episode that leads into the season finale.  We learn that Doc, a character we met in the episode Forever, is on Glory’s side and attacks Spike and Xander.  Once Buffy snaps out of her mental state, she uncovers a frightening truth.  If Dawn, the key, gets opened, Buffy will have to kill Dawn in order to save the world.

5 x 22  The Gift:  Tonight is the night where Glory has the chance to activate the key and return to her home.  Buffy realizes that if the key is activated, she will have to kill Dawn.  Knowing that she cannot do this, she tells everyone that if they go near Dawn, she’ll kill them.  If Dawn dies, they all die.  Buffy now sets out to enter the final battle between Glory and learn the true meaning of her gift.

We pick up right where the previous episode left off.  Buffy tells her friends that she will not kill Dawn.  If Dawn must die, the last thing she will see is Buffy protecting her.  They soon begin gathering what they need so that they can take on Glory.  They wait until it is closer to the time so that they will have a chance of saving Dawn and stopping Glory.  Willow works up a spell that may allow her to reverse what Glory did to Tara, and possibly weaken Glory.  They soon set out to stop Glory in a climax of the entire season in an apocalyptic finale.

This is one of my favorite episodes of Buffy ever.  I loved this season finale.  No other season finale has equaled this one except for Becoming Part 2.  When we finally learn what is the true meaning behind Buffy’s gift, it makes the ending all that much more amazing.

This is one of the seasons of Buffy that ranks up with the best.  Seasons 2 and 3 were simply amazing and it would have been hard for them to top those seasons.  They still haven’t topped those seasons, but they have equaled them.  This season was much different than those two seasons and had more of a plot that started from early on and continued.  Instead of introducing the big bads somewhere in the middle of the season, we are introduced to Glory in episode 5.  Each year the creators behind Buffy manage to give her something even deadlier than the previous year, and this year they gave Buffy a god to fight.  This has remained one of the best shows on television for some time now, and it’s seasons like this that prove that to be true.  I give this season a 10 out of 10.

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Posted on June 2, 2008

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