Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 3After Buffy’s fight with the Master the Hell mouth has been closed.  She goes away for the summer and only returns to find that vampires are still in this town, and Buffy must once again stop them, only this time the vampires are much more frightening than before.  Two new vampires have come to Sunnydale, who have a connection to Angel.  These vampires are Spike and Drusilla.  Drusilla was turned into a vampire from Angel, back when Angel didn’t have his soul, and Spike was turned by Drusilla.  As Angel finds a moment of true happiness he finds that he has lost his soul and now has teamed up with Spike and Drusilla in an atempt to destroy the world.  Now Buffy must face her most emotional enemy ever, and with this battle things will never be the same.

When She Was Bad:  As an over confident Buffy makes her return to Sunnydale right before the new school year begins, she learns that a group of vampires lead by the Anointed One is trying to raise the master.  Now as Buffy thinks that she can handle herself because of how she killed the master she ends up placing her friends in danger and the vampires need those that were closest to the Master when he died in order to bring him back to life.  Buffy must overcome her overconfidence and save her friends from the vampires before it’s too late and the Master returns.

After the amazing finish of last season fans wanted more for Buffy, so here is the season premier of the first full season of Buffy.  This was a very good opener and we see just how much in depth the characters really are.  The episode opens with Xander and Willow out walking, only to be attacked by a vampire.  Soon enough Buffy arrives and saves them both by killing the vampire.  By judging the season premier we are able to tell that this is going to be one of those special seasons, and this episode was very well done.

Some Assembly Required:  When a science student raises his dead brother, his brother decides he wants his old girlfriend back.  So his brother and his brother’s friends decide to dig up bodies in the local cemetery and take parts of the bodies in hopes to make the perfect body for the science student’s brother’s girlfriend.  His girlfriend happened to be Cordelia.  Now the science students are out to get Cordelia’s head so they can place it on the body so she can be with her lost boyfriend again.

One thing I noticed about this episode while watching it is that this season is much darker than Season 1.  The humor that was in that season is now gone and the cheesiness of that season is gone as well.  These episodes are much more dramatic, suspenseful, and darker.  The villains are much more powerful than they were in Season 1 and this episode just shows how the show is growing.  It’s reasons like this that Buffy has remained one of the best shows on television.  I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the zombie in this episode and the ending really was well done.  Episodes off of Buffy are better than a lot of movies at times.

School Hard:  As Sunnydale High School is preparing the parent/teacher night Buffy’s Mom is coming to meet the principal and all of her teachers.  Meanwhile two new vampires have shown up in town, they are Spike and Drusilla.  Spike and Drusilla are the result of Angel when he was bad, and they’ve come to Sunnydale in an attempt to destroy the slayer.  Spike has killed two slayers in the past and his lover Drusilla is more insane than any other vampire.

This is one of those “stand-out” episodes in Season 2.  This is the episode where we meet two of our “big bads” for this season.  They are Spike and Drusilla.  Also, these are two characters that we get to know that will stay on the show for quite sometime.  If you’ve seen the later shows then you know how Spike is still around and how much his character has evolved.  Still, this is a great episode and it’s great to see where Spike comes into the show.  Also, I just loved the entrance into Sunnydale, and the end where Spike decides that he’s in charge, not the Anointed one.

Inca Mummy Girl:  A new girl has arrived at Sunnydale High School and this girl likes Xander.  Xander starts to fall for this girl and he asks her to the school dance.  Sadly, as Xander takes this girl to the dance they realize that a mummy is on the loose, and as Xander finally finds himself someone who actually likes him, she turns out to be a bit too old for him, especially since she has to suck the life out of people in order to stay alive since she is an ancient mummy.

This isn’t one of my favorite episodes of this season, but it’s decent.  This one reminds me of the shows in Season 1.  One thing about this episode is that we first meet Oz, who is a character that says for a few more seasons.  This is a decent episode, but after the last three of this season, this one seems to fall flat.

Reptile Boy:  When two frat boys invite Cordelia and Buffy to a college party, they accept only to find that the frat boys aren’t exactly friendly.  They go to the party at which the frat gets them drunk and offers them as a sacrifice to the giant reptile they worship.  Meanwhile Xander tries to investigate the party.

This isn’t really one of my favorite episodes, but quite a bit of people seem to like it.  It has some nice creature effects, but it just wasn’t for me.  I like the episodes that deal with the season’s main villains more.  Still this is a really good episode and it works well as a stand-alone.

Halloween:  Halloween is the one night of the year where all the vampires and monsters take a break.  So Buffy and her friends decide to have fun this night, but Principal Snider has other plans for them.  He makes Buffy, Xander, and Willow sign up to take kids trick or treating.  So that afternoon they go to a new place and pick up Halloween costumes.  Now as Halloween comes, they have become the costume they were wearing, and since Buffy is a girl from the past, she acts just like one and is completely helpless.

One thing about this episode is that it is where we get a glimpse into the past of Giles.  We hear Ethan call Giles, The Ripper.  This was the first episode where we hear that, and to tell you the truth I still don’t know much about it.  I’ve been watching Buffy since it started and I really don’t remember them ever really going into detail about Giles’s past.  Still, it’s interesting to learn a bit about him.  Also, this was a really good episode and I haven’t seen it since it first aired.  It was great seeing it again.

Lie to Me:  When Buffy’s old crush moves to Sunnydale things start to go a bit weird.  His name is Ford, and he knows that she is the slayer.  Little does Buffy know is that Ford wants to live forever and his plan of doing this is by teaming up with Spike and offering Buffy to Spike so that he can become a vampire.

This was a fairly decent episode, and one thing I noticed was the cameos.  Ford is played by the guy who stars in Roswell, which was a series that started either the next year or the year after, I’m not sure.  Also, another cameo was the girl that Ford was with who wanted to be a vampire.  I remember seeing her in the series Angel playing the lady who runs the orphanage.  This was a good episode and it was great to learn a bit more about Drusilla as well.

The Dark Age:  As a demon from Giles’s past comes back to haunt him and Ethan Rayne and Buffy must find out some dark things that Giles never wanted her to learn.  As the demon possesses Ms. Calendar they must find a way to get the demon out of her without killing her.

Earlier in the episode for “Halloween” I mentioned how we never learned about Giles’ past, but in this episode we do learn about it.  I guess the reason that I didn’t remember hearing anything about his past is because I’ve never seen this episode before.  It was very interesting to learn about Giles and I enjoyed this episode.  This episode is another reason why Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the best show on television.

What’s My Line part 1:  Spike has called forth The Order of Taraka, which is a group of assassins, to kill Buffy.  Meanwhile Spike wants to restore Drusilla back to full health with a spell and to do this he needs Angel.  While Buffy learns of the Order of Taraka, a new slayer has been summoned to Sunnydale, and this new slayer named Kendra is out to kill Angel and find out what dark forces are in Sunnydale.

We finally get to meet up with Oz again.  I always thought it was on the show a lot sooner in Season 2, but I guess not.  In this episode we discover what the result of Buffy being killed at the end of Season 1 was, and that is that a new slayer has been summoned, named Kendra.  This was a good episode and it was “to be continued” into the next episode.

What’s My Line part 2:  In the continuation of the previous episode we enter with Angel trapped in a cage where the new slayer Kendra has him locked away awaiting for the sun to arise.  Meanwhile Buffy has a run in with Kendra and Buffy brings Kendra to visit Giles.  The two slayers decide to team up and take on Spike to prevent him from bring Drusilla back to health.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 3 picks up three months after the climatic ending of Season 2 when Buffy sent Angel to Hell.  In Season 3, Buffy must return to Sunnydale with a new evil rising and Angel returns from his Hell dimension.  With the Scoobies senior year of High School, they must survive not only the Mayor’s evil plan of Ascension, but High School as well.

3 x 1  Anne:  Buffy never returned when she left Sunnydale at the end of last season.  She has been waiting tables as a waitress going by her middle name, Anne.  Buffy just wants to be left alone, but this isn’t going to happen because there is an evil in this town that is making the children turn old overnight.

The episode opens with a vampire rising out of its grave.  Standing above the grave is Willow, ready to stake the vampire.  The slaying does not come as a success as the vampire gets away.  Over the summer, while Buffy was missing, Willow, Oz, and Xander have been trying to keep the vampire population down.  We soon switch to Buffy.  She has been waiting tables in a restaurant for the past couple of months.  When Buffy runs into a girl named Lilly, who used to be in a cult that wanted to become vampires, and her boyfriend Ricky, Buffy learns that something is terribly wrong with this town.  Ricky goes missing, but is found the next day severely aged.  Buffy and Lilly must then team up and stop the evil that is going on in this town.

This was a very good opener for Season 3.  Season 3 was one of the stand-out seasons on Buffy, even though each season was very good.  We can still see how Buffy is still in pain from the loss of Angel, and we get to see how her friends are managing without her.  They no longer need the slayer to watch their backs, as they are quite capable of handling themselves.  This is the start of an excellent season.

3 x 2  Dead Man’s Party:  Buffy has returned home in hopes that things can return back to normal, only everyone’s not quite ready for her return.  They all need to talk to one another and get everything straightened out.  When Buffy’s friends decide to throw her a welcome home party, things become really ugly as the dead rise from their graves and decide to join in on the party.

The episode opens with Buffy sneaking up behind someone in an alley, who turns out to be Xander.  Within moments, the two are attacked by a vampire.  Willow, Oz, and Cordelia run up to meet them when they hear all the commotion.  Buffy ends up staking the vampire.  The next night, Joyce decides to throw Buffy a welcome home party by inviting all of Buffy’s friends.  The Scoobies decide to invite more people and have a bigger party.  As Buffy is getting ready for the party, she finds a dead stray cat in her basement.  Buffy and her mom burry the cat in the backyard.  Soon, the cat returns from its grave and goes back to Buffy’s house.  As the party starts, the dead begin to rise from their grave and drop in on the party.  Soon Giles discovers that this ancient mask that is hanging on Buffy’s wall is what is bringing these things back to life, and if a zombie places it on, it will become a super zombie.

This was a pretty good follow up episode to the previous one.  Buffy has things to work out with her friends, and by the end of the episode, it’s good to see that Buffy gets everything back to normal.  One of my favorite scenes in this episode is when Giles convinces Principal Snyder to allow Buffy back into the school.

3 x 3  Faith, Hope, and Trick:  As Buffy gets accepted back in school, a new slayer arrives in town.  This slayer has been on her own for some time and has some demons locked away, her name is Faith.  With Faith coming to town, some vampires from her past follow her.  One is named Mr. Trick, who will play a key role throughout Season 3, and the other is Kakistos, a vampire who is so old that his hands are woven together.  Now the two slayers must take on these new vampires, or be killed by them.

The episode opens with Buffy waiting for her friends off school grounds.  They are planning on having a picnic together.  The next day Buffy has a meeting with Principal Snyder in order to let Buffy back in school.  When Buffy returns, she has to pass a couple of tests in order to go on with her high school education.  When night comes, Buffy and the gang go to the Bronze, there Buffy sees this girl with this vampire, and the two walk outside.  Buffy figures that the guy is going to kill her so they follow them outside.  There Buffy sees the girl almost get attacked, and in return the girl slays the vampire.  This girl is Faith, the new vampire slayer.  Faith soon starts to win over Buffy’s friends and everyone around.  Now the two must team up and take on Kakistos as he tries to kill the slayers.

This was a pretty good episode, and an important one at that.  We are first introduced to Faith, the troubled slayer with a misguided future ahead.  Faith is the character that has made her appearances all throughout Buffy, and even on the spin-off, Angel.  Faith will also come into play in Season 7 as she returns for the final episodes.  We are also introduced to Mr. Trick, and vampire that plays a big part in Season 3.

3 x 4  Beauty and the Beasts:  A Sunnydale student is found brutally mauled.  Buffy starts to suspect that it was Oz since Xander fell asleep while watching him and they found a way out of Oz’s cage.  Buffy’s theory on Oz soon changes when she runs into a mindless Angel, who has somehow made his way back to Sunnydale and is filled with rage.

The episode opens with Buffy giving us a commentary on how a werewolf attacks, it then switches to Willow reading from a book watching over Oz in his werewolf state.  Soon, Xander shows up to take over Willow’s spot for watching Oz for the night.  Xander falls asleep and someone is killed during the night.  When Giles and the crew show the next morning and discover that someone was murdered and Xander was asleep, they find a way out of Oz’s cage through an open window.  Everyone suspects that it may be Oz until Buffy runs into a violent Angel.  She chains him up in the same building where she killed him a couple of months back.  Soon, Angel and Oz are both cleared as someone gets murdered during the day and it turns out that a student named Pete has been doing a bit of Jekyll and Hyde and killing everyone who angers his girlfriend.

This was another pretty good episode.  The previous episode left off with Angel returning, now we get to see what he is like since he’s  been in a Hell dimension for hundreds of years.  It is good to see that since we had a great season 2, season 3 is following up quite nicely.

3 x 5  Homecoming:  When Buffy misses her senior pictures because Cordelia didn’t remember to tell her about them, she decides to run for Homecoming Queen.  As the two compete for Homecoming Queen, Mr. Trick has gathered a group of enemies for Buffy in his Slayerfest ‘98.

The episode opens with Scott dumping Buffy.  He says that it is because she always seems so withdrawn.  Soon, as Buffy and Faith are training, Buffy misses her senior pictures.  Cordelia goes to tell Buffy about them, but meets up with two guys instead.  Buffy tells the gang how she used to be really popular at her old high school, and now she is just one picture on one page.  She finds out that she has missed the pictures and decides to run for Homecoming Queen so she can beat out Cordelia.  As they two are heading to the Homecoming, Mr. Trick has started his Slayerfest ‘98, mistaking Cordelia for the slayer, Faith.  Now the two team up to take on this army of villains.

This was a pretty fun episode.  It was good to see the second Gorch brother return, and it was good to see Cordelia being the one to save the day.  This was also the episode where we are introduced to the Mayor, a key player in this season.

3 x 6  Band Candy:  When Principal Snyder makes the students of Sunnydale sell candy for the band, the adults that eat it begin to act like children.  With the adults out of the way, Mr. Trick has planned on kidnapping four babies that he can give to this demon and it’s up to Buffy to get Giles and her mom back to normal so they can help her save the babies.

The episode opens with Buffy studying for the SAT’s.  While studying she is attacked by a vampire, and kills it.  The next day, Principal Snyder gives Buffy and the rest of the gang boxes of candy to sell for the band, even though they aren’t in the band.  When the adults buy the candy and eat it, they start to bring back their teenage years.  Buffy must now find the mastermind behind this, and it leads up to Mr. Trick and Ethan Rayne.

This was another fun episode.  It doesn’t really have much to do with the season finale other than the fact that it features the Mayor.  The episode also features the return of Ethan Rayne, and character we all remember from season 2.

3 x 7  Revelations:  When Faith’s new watcher shows up in Sunnydale things are about to change.  Faith’s new watcher informs everyone that there is this demon in town going by the name of Lagos and that he is looking for this mysterious glove used for evil.

A new watcher by the name of Gwendolyn Post has arrived in Sunnydale.  She tells Giles that she is here to be Faith’s watcher and that she is also there to watch over Giles and Buffy, to report back to the watcher’s council on how things are going.  One night, Xander follows Buffy and discovers that Angel is still alive.  He tells Giles and the gang and they question Buffy about why he is still alive and why she hasn’t told them about him coming back.  Soon, Gwendolyn goes after the glove herself, where Buffy has been keeping it safe with Angel.  Gwendolyn attacks Giles and Angel.  Xander and Faith try to kill Angel and it is up to Buffy to keep Faith away from Angel.  Soon, Gwendolyn puts on the glove and is now a foe for both Buffy and Faith.

This was a pretty good episode and it was good that everyone learned of Angel being alive.  We could see how no one was too fond of Angel coming back after what happened in Season 2.  This was a solid episode.

3 x 8  Lover’s Walk:  Willow tries to get rid of the lust her and Xander have for each other.  Drusilla leaves Spike, so Spike returns to Sunnydale and takes Willow and Xander hostage in hopes to make Willow do a love spell on Drusilla so she will love him again.

The episode opens with Buffy getting back her SAT’s, on which she made very high scores.  Soon, we see a car crash through the “Welcome to Sunnydale” sign and out falls a drunken Spike.  He has been feeling bad ever since Drusilla left him.  She told him that his alliance with Buffy had made him soft.  Willow is preparing to do a spell on Xander and her so that they won’t lust after each other, but Spike crashes the party.  He takes them both with him and locks them in the factory.  Now Buffy and Angel must team up with Spike so that he will give Willow and Xander back unharmed after Willow does the spell.

I can still remember the night this episode aired.  It features the return of our favorite bad vampire, Spike.  Spike never really did seem all that bad anyway, and this episode just shows more of what is to come in the Buffy world.  This was Spike’s only episode this season, but he will return regularly in Season 4.  This was a solid episode.

3 x 9  The Wish:  Cordelia wants revenge on Xander for what happened to her in the previous episode.  She brings her source of all her troubles to Buffy Summers, and she makes a wish in front of a new girl at school, Anya, who turns out to be a vengeance demon.  Cordelia wishes that Buffy had never came to Sunnydale, and this changes the reality as Sunnydale is now a new town run by vampires and where the master still lives.

The episode opens picking up with the story at the end of the previous episode.  Cordelia is returning to school for the first time in a week.  When she meets up with a new girl in school, by the name of Anya, she makes a wish that Buffy had never come to Sunnydale.  A few minutes later she is in the same spot, but Sunnydale is different.  She meets up with her old friends and they think that she is making a bad joke when she wants to go to the Bronze.  Soon, Cordelia runs into Xander and Willow only to find that they are vampires.  She is saved by Giles, Oz, and two other people who have been trying their best to keep Sunnydale under control without the slayer.  They take Cordelia with them and she then tells Giles all about an alternate reality in which Buffy is in Sunnydale and she has killed the Master.  Xander and Willo show up and kill Cordelia, so Giles calls Buffy’s watcher and tells him to send Buffy to Sunnydale.  Now, Buffy is going against the Master and it’s up to Giles to get things into a better reality.

This has to be one of the finest hours of television history.  Not just this episode in general, just this show as a whole.  The Wish is an episode that really shows just how great television can be, and this is definitely one of the high points of this season.  This new reality that is shown in this episode is a dark and grim reality.  Also in this episode we are introduced to Anya, who we will see as a regular cast member in later seasons.  This was a great episode and one of the best of Season 3.

3 x 10  Amends:  Angel is being haunted by visions of his past.  The victims that he killed are coming back on Christmas Eve and are telling Angel to kill Buffy, including the ghost of Jenny Calendar.  Angel questions why he was brought back, and Buffy traces this evil that is haunting him to the First Evil.

The episode opens taking place in 1838 where we see Angel kill a man who is to be married this upcoming week.  The next scene after the credits we are brought into present day and we see Oz and Willow forgive each other and get back together.  Soon Angel starts having bad dreams of his past and Buffy gets pulled into his dreams.  When there is no one left to turn to, Angel goes to Giles for help.  Angel wants to know why he is back, but the ghost of Jenny Calendar appears at Giles’s house and Angel runs off.  Buffy traces it back to the First Evil and she must help Angel to be strong.  The First Evil wants Angel to kill Buffy, so Angel decides that he will kill himself instead, and it’s up to Buffy to convince him that even though he was a monster, he still belongs in this world.

This season started out great, and it’s continuing to get better.  We are currently in Season 7 with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the main villain of that season is The First Evil.  It is great to see how Joss Whedon goes back and ties everything together, even from the tenth episode of season 3, where we are introduced to the First Evil.

3 x 11  Gingerbread:  When two children are found dead in the park, a group of Sunnydale parents blame witches and decide to gather up all the teenagers who are involved in witchcraft and burn them.  The only thing is, is that these children who were found dead were also found dead fifty years earlier, and fifty years before that and each time the parents have murdered the young witches in the town.

The episode opens with Buffy out patrolling and Buffy’s mom decides to pay a visit and learn more about what exactly it is that Buffy does when she slays.  As Buffy stakes a vampire, Joyce stumbles upon two dead children in the park.  Now Joyce has started a group called MOO where all the adults in Sunnydale are joining.  They order a raid on the school lockers in which they bust students for having witch objects in their lockers, one of the students being Willow, and the police take Giles’s books.  Soon Buffy realizes that they know nothing about these children, not their names nor their parents.  As the adults of Sunnydale gather up Buffy, Willow, and Amy for a burning of witches, it is up to Giles, Cordelia, Xander, and Oz to save them before they are burned alive.

One thing about this episode is that this is the episode where Amy turns herself into a rat.  We won’t see Amy again until Season 6.  This was a pretty good episode and it keeps you intrigued all throughout.  We see Joyce tell all the residents of Sunnydale about how there is a slayer in town.  Although I didn’t enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed the previous two, this one was still very good and very interesting.

3 x 12  Helpless:  As Buffy’s 18th birthday rolls around she finds herself being tested by the Watcher’s Council.  She loses her power as the slayer and has to face a menacing vampire, only the vampire has broken out of its cage and has taken Buffy’s mom as prisoner.

We start with Angel helping Buffy train.  Later on that night Buffy goes patrolling and as she’s fighting a vampire her powers leave her, almost making the vampire stake her with her own stake.  Soon we learn that Buffy is being injected by this serum that Giles has to administer.  This serum is the cause of Buffy losing her powers.  We soon see some members from the Watcher’s council watching over the vampire that will fight Buffy, but the vampire ends up turning one of them and killing another.  Now, it goes after the helpless Buffy.  As Buffy barely escapes, the vampire captures Joyce and now Buffy must fight in the test in order to save her mother.

This was a pretty good episode.  The final scene consists of Buffy trying to escape from the vampire.  They are trapped in the house and Buffy must use her wits in order to survive, because her strength isn’t there.  Season 3 is definitely one of the best seasons of Buffy, and this episode just helps to show that to be true.

3 x 13  The Zeppo:  When Cordelia tells Xander that he just isn’t cool enough, he tries to give himself something that will make him cool, he gets himself a new car.  When Xander runs into the school bully named Jack, Jack decides that he needs a wheel man and brings Xander along to round up the old gang.  The only thing is is that the old gang has been dead for some time, and now they are about to get a new chance at life.  All while Xander tries to save himself from these zombies, Buffy and the rest of the Scoobies have to face an Apocalypse.

We open with Buffy and the Scoobies facing this new demon in town.  They end up killing the demon and we go to the credits.  After the credits end we see Xander trying to play football while two football players are throwing the football.  Xander goes out for a pass and the ball hits a guy named Jack.  Jack threatens Xander and Xander turns and walks into Cordelia.  Cordelia tells him how much of a loser he is and that his friends all have super powers with Buffy being the slayer, Willow being a witch, and Oz being a werewolf.  Xander decides to buy a car to express that he is cool.  He meets a girl that is in love with his car and the two wreck it into Jack’s car.  Jack decides to use Xander as a wheel man and the two go to the cemetery to bring back Jack’s old friends.  When Xander tries to escape, Jack and his friends set a bomb into the school and it’s up to Xander to save the day.  All while this goes on, Buffy fights an Apocalypse.

This was a pretty good episode.  I haven’t seen this episode since it first aired.  Throughout the episode I noticed how I remembered some of it, but there was a lot that I didn’t remember.  It was almost as if I were seeing this episode for the first time.  This was a pretty good episode and it was good to see Xander getting an episode about him into which he has to save the day.  We do have Buffy fighting an Apocalypse, but we never see much of it.  The entire episode centers around Xander.

3 x 14  Bad Girls:  Buffy starts to hang out with Faith more and begins to adopt some of her habits.  Buffy begins skipping school and hanging with Faith all day.  Buffy ends up finding herself breaking into stores and stealing things.  One night while patrolling, Faith kills the Deputy Mayor, and she doesn’t seem to care.

We start off with Buffy and Faith out patrolling.  Soon the two meet their new watcher, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce.  Wes is more like a younger Giles.  We soon see Buffy skip school so her and Faith can go slay vampires during the day.  There is this new demon in town that goes by the name of Balthazar.  Balthazar is in search for his amulet and he has a group of vampires who are searching for it.  Meanwhile, Buffy has the amulet safe with Angel.  At the end of the episode, we see as Buffy and Faith are slaying the vampires that work for Balthazar, Faith ends up killing the Deputy Mayor.

This was another really good episode.  In this episode we are introduced to Wesley.  It is amusing to see how cowardly Wesley is compared to what he is like now on season four of Angel.  He is one character that they have been developing all throughout the course of him being in the Buffyverse.  He goes from being this coward of a watcher into being a troubled, yet great fighter.  This episode was more of a beginning of a two part show that will continue on throughout the rest of the season.

3 x 15  Consequences:  The police are looking for the person who killed the Deputy Mayor and they question both Buffy and Faith when some eye-witnesses placed both of them near the scene of the crime.  Buffy is struggling with the thought that she was part in a man being murdered, and Faith acts as if she doesn’t even care.  With Faith being a murderer, the now unstoppable Mayor sends out Mr. Trick to catch the slayers.

We start off with Buffy having a bad dream that she is drowning and the Deputy Mayor is pulling her further into the water.  A few moments later we see as Buffy’s mom is watching television and learns of the murder.  The police are trying to find out what happened and they question both Buffy and Faith.  The Mayor learns of who exactly killed the Deputy Mayor when he hears that there were splinters in the wound of the victim.  Xander tries to talk with Faith so that he can get her to confess, but she tries to kill him.  Angel comes to the rescue and locks Faith away.  Wesley decides that he must do his duty and bring Faith to the Watcher’s Council in England, so he invades Angel’s home and takes Faith with him.  Things don’t quite work out as Faith escapes from Wesley and goes out on her own.  Now Buffy must confront Faith, as well as save herself from Mr. Trick.

This is kind of the second part in both Bad Girls and Consequences.  They both deal with Faith killing a human.  In the previous episode we saw as the Mayor made himself invincible.  He will soon be even more powerful once he gets a slayer on his side, and at the end of this episode, as Buffy talks about a possibility of Faith wanting to be helped, she joins the side of the Mayor’s.

3 x 16  Doppelgangland:  When Anya seeks the help of Willow so that she can become a Vengeance Demon again, they cast a spell that goes terribly wrong.  Instead of bringing back the necklace that will let Anya turn back into a Vengeance Demon, they bring forth the vampire Willow and she wreaks havoc on the town of Sunnydale.

We open with Anya talking to another vengeance demon.  She is wanting her power back but is refused and is told to remain a human for the rest of her life.  She then goes up to Willow and asks Willow to help her with a spell.  She doesn’t give Willow all the details.  Anya tells Willow that she just wants her necklace back.  The spell doesn’t work quite as planned and Willow sees visions of this Hell dimension.  Soon, a vampire Willow appears in the town of Sunnydale.  Vampire Willow doesn’t know what all is going on and goes to the Bronze.  There she runs into a jock who is wanting Willow to type his paper.  She throws him around the room for a while until Xander and Buffy show up.  They soon see that this is a vampire Willow and they head to see Giles.  They are all heartbroken thinking that their friend Willow has now become a vampire.  We then see Willow walk into the library and up to the gang.  Xander jumps up with a crucifix and places it in front of Willow’s face, which does nothing.  They soon realize that this is the Willow they know, and another isn’t from this reality.  They go to the Bronze where the vampire Willow and a bunch of vampires are planning on feeding, in hopes to return the vampire Willow to her alternate reality.

I really enjoyed this episode.  We get to see a bit of foreshadowing on the character of Willow when she tells Angel that her character appears to be gay.  We got a glimpse at what the character’s alternate egos would be like in the episode earlier this season titled, The Wish.  In this episode we get to see what would happen if the two alternate egos were to meet.

3 x 17  Enemies:  When the Mayor learns that a demon has the Books of Ascension, they decide to start building their army.  They call forth a demon that can take away Angel’s soul.  With Angel and Faith on the same side as the Mayor, things could go in favor of the Mayor, but things won’t remained as planned for long.

The episode opens with Buffy and Angel going to a movie.  Soon Faith arrives and her and Buffy go patrolling.  The two run across a demon that has the Books of Ascension.  He says that if the slayers will meet him in the same spot the next night, he will give the books to them in exchange for five thousand dollars.  The next day Faith decides to go for the books herself, so she tracks down the demon, kills it, and gives the books to the Mayor.  The Mayor and Faith then decide to take Angel’s soul away.  The Mayor calls forth a demon sorcerer and it turns Angel into Angelus.  Now Faith and Angelus take Buffy hostage, and as a result Faith tells them everything they needed to know about the Mayor’s plans.

This is one of the important episodes of this season.  It tells us what the Mayor is planning on doing for the Ascension.  It will take place on graduation day at Sunnydale.  This was a key episode and will continue the flow throughout the rest of the season.

3 x 18  Earshot:  When Buffy encounters a demon in the park, some of its blood gets onto her hands.  She soon learns that the blood of this demon will make her like the demon.  She is worried that she will change and grow a tail, but instead she gets the ability to hear people’s thoughts.  She is enjoying her new gift until she learns that someone is planning mass murder at Sunnydale High School in the next 24 hours.

The episode opens with Buffy fighting these two demons.  She kills one of them and its blood gets on her hand while the other one gets away.  The next day at school she is constantly scratching her hand.  She soon learns that she will now become somewhat like the demon.  While walking in the hallway, she begins to hear all these things and she soon discovers that she can read people’s minds.  This comes to her advantage in one of her classes when she can hear what her teacher is thinking.  While in the lunchroom, Buffy hears someone say that in 24 hours they will kill them all.  Buffy can’t make out who thought it, but she tells her friends.  They all begin a look out of who the possible suspects are.  It is now up to all of them to find out who is planning this because Buffy has become bed-ridden when the thoughts start to drive her insane.

This was quite possibly the best episode of Season 3.  Season 3 was scattered all throughout the year, and this was one of the episodes that wasn’t aired on its scheduled day.  This episode played in September, right before Season 4 had started, which was long after the season finale of Season 3 had aired.  Another episode that was pushed back was the season finale of this season, which instead of airing in May, it was pushed back to July.  This was a great episode and definitely one of the high points of Season 3.

3 x 19  Choices:  The Mayor needs a mystical box in order to complete his Ascension.  As Buffy and the crew go after the box, Willow gets captured by the Mayor and Faith.  Buffy must now make a choice, either save Willow and give the Mayor the box, or destroy the box and lose Willow.

We start with the Mayor and Faith.  The Mayor gives Faith a present, which is a knife.  The next day Buffy and her friends are sitting outside discussing college plans.  Buffy was accepted into an out of state college and she sees this as her way of getting out of slaying.  That night Faith gets her hands on the mystical box they need for the Mayor’s Ascension.  When Buffy learns that the Mayor has the box, she plans on taking the box by sneaking in.  Buffy, Angel, and Willow go after the box.  As Buffy grabs the box, two vampires walk in and Angel jumps down to help her out.  Buffy and Angel get the box and get out of there, leaving Willow behind.  As the two get away with the box, Faith catches Willow and brings her to the Mayor.  Buffy decides that they will make a trade with the Mayor.  They will give him the box in exchange for Willow.  Wesley is against the idea because with the box in the Mayor’s hands, it can sacrifice the lives of thousands of people.  Buffy decides to make the trade and they meet at Sunnydale High School.

This episode wasn’t bad.  It is one of they key episodes leading up to the season finale.  After the amazing episode that Earshot was, this one was a bit of a let down.  It wasn’t a bad episode by far, just not as good as its predecessor.  Still, we learn more about the Mayor’s Ascension and what will have to be done to stop it.

3 x 20  The Prom:  As the Prom draws near, Buffy is planning on Angel to take her.  Nothing can stop this from being the perfect night.  The Prom will be the one night that Buffy can be a normal girl.  Everything is going to be perfect, until a crazed school kid that couldn’t get a date decides to unleash Hell Hounds on the students at the Prom.

We open with Buffy and Angel waking up after taking a nap after patrolling.  Buffy gets up and goes to the door, thinking that she still has a few hours left before sunrise.  She opens the door and the rays hit Angel.  He quickly jumps up and out of the sunlight.  Buffy is getting ready for her big night at the prom while Joyce goes to Angel’s home and talks with him as an adult.  She tells him how Buffy doesn’t really think of the future and that it should be up to Angel to do the right thing.  The next night while patrolling Angel explains to Buffy how he can’t be with her because they have no future and that Buffy deserves more.  Xander is visiting a place called April Fool’s, which is a dress shop.  He goes in there and finds Cordelia in there again.  He talks with her and it turns out that she is working at the store because her parents cheated on their taxes and they have nothing now.  After their discussion, they are attacked by a Hell Hound.  The Hell Hound goes after Xander, but changes its mind when it sees a guy in a tuxedo.  Now Buffy must fight off these Hell Hounds in order for everyone else to have a great prom night.

I don’t think I’ve seen this episode since it first aired.  I could only remember one thing from this episode and that was when Angel tells Buffy that if they survive the Ascension he will be leaving Sunnydale.  I had remembered those words, but I couldn’t remember anything else in this episode.  It was as if I were watching it for the first time.  This was a very good episode.  The thing that made this episode so great was that the acting in this episode was excellent!

3 x 21  Graduation Day part 1:  Graduation day and the Ascension is only a day or so away and everyone is taking precautions to stop the Mayor from destroying Sunnydale.  Buffy wants to attend her Graduation, but won’t be able to since she has to stop the Mayor.  All that is going to change when Buffy learns that the Mayor is going to be giving the speech at Sunnydale’s Graduation.  The Mayor has sent Faith to inject Angel with a poison arrow, and the only cure is the blood of a slayer.  With the Ascension only a day away, Buffy now must catch Faith so that she can feed her to Angel so Angel can regain his strength.

The episode opens with the Scoobies preparing for the Ascension and the senior class getting ready for Graduation.  Xander then tells Buffy that the Mayor is going to give the speech at Graduation.  The Mayor sends Faith out to kill a professor who had found a giant demon that was dead.  The reason for Faith to kill the professor is because this is the demon that the Mayor will become.  Now that Buffy and the gang know what the Mayor will turn into, they can now try and figure out a way to kill it.  Meanwhile, Faith shoots Angel with a poison arrow and since the only cure is the blood of a slayer, Buffy goes after Faith and will bring her to Angel dead or alive.

In the first part of the two part season finale we get quite an episode.  The climax with Buffy and Faith fighting, you get to see that it will be a battle to the death.  There can only be one slayer standing, and both of them are going to make sure that only one of them walks away.  This was the perfect opener for the big finale of Season 3.

3 x 22  Graduation Day part 2:  With Buffy stabbing Faith and Faith falling off the building and into a truck, she has lost the one slayer she can offer to Angel so that he can survive.  She now has decided to let Angel drink her blood.  Once Buffy gets her strength back, she must prepare for Graduation, and the only way she has decided to do that is to bring together the senior class of Sunnydale High School in the final battle against the Mayor.

We pick up right where the previous episode left off with the defeated Faith falling over the edge of her apartment and Buffy losing her chance at saving Angel.  Buffy then goes to Angel’s home and forces him to drink from her.  After he does so he regains his strength and brings Buffy to the hospital.  In the room down the hall lies another young girl who has been badly injured.  This girl has severe head trauma and will remain in a coma.  This girl in the next room is Faith.  The Mayor is with her and when he learns that another girl is in the next room with blood loss, he goes to see.  He finds Buffy, helpless and asleep.  The Mayor then attempts to kill Buffy, but Angel comes to the rescue.  The next morning, Angel has already gone home and Giles and the Scoobies are there waiting on Buffy to awaken.  Once Buffy wakes up she goes to them and tells them what needs to be done in order to stop the Mayor.  As Graduation comes, all the students are there and this is when the Mayor turns into a giant snake.  Instead of the students running, they all remove their cap and gowns to reveal that they have brought with them weapons.  For the first time in Sunnydale’s history, the students have joined together.  No longer must Buffy be a loner in her fight against evil, she now has the help of her peers, and together they all do battle with the Mayor and his army of vampires.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer has always performed an excellent season finale.  I remember how amazing the season 2 finale was when Buffy had to send Angel to Hell.  Instead of a finale like that this season, we get a finale where the students of Sunnydale join together and take on the Mayor and all the vampires that are with him.

After Season 2 I thought that Buffy would become like most shows and not continue to have great seasons, but I was wrong.  Buffy continued with what was started back in its first season, and that is to remain an amazing show.  In Season 3 we are introduced to new villains as well as new characters that will remain with the Buffy crew even through Season 7, the current season.  We are introduced to Anya, the ex-vengeance demon, Wesley who will go on to join Angel in Los Angeles on Angel’s spin-off show, Angel.  We are also introduced to Faith, the slayer that never really knew what she wanted to do with her life.  She makes some wrong decisions and it costs her severely.  This was one of the best seasons of Buffy, and it’s not the last.  Buffy continues on to show that its a show that will remain one of the best directed and written shows on television.  I give this season a perfect 10 out of 10.

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Posted on June 2, 2008

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