Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 2This was a good continuation of the previous episode and we see what it would be like to have two slayers fighting on the same side, as they both go in and try to save Angel from Spike.  As they arrive the ritual has begun to take place and the two slayers must fight Spike and save Angel.  All of this leads up to a shocking ending.

Ted:  When Buffy’s mom starts to date a man named Ted, who is played by John Ritter, things start to go wrong.  Willow and Xander absolutely love Ted.  He bakes mini-pizzas and cookies.  Though everyone loves Ted except for Buffy, and when Ted starts to enforce rules very strictly Buffy starts to think something is wrong.  One night after slaying Buffy comes home and finds Ted sitting in her room where he has been snooping around and he discovers that she is a vampire slayer.  He threatens to lock her in a mental asylum, so they get into a fight and Buffy kills him.

I remember the first time this episode was aired.  It’s a decent stand-alone episode, but it’s nothing special.  John Ritter does an excellent job as playing Ted and it’s a memorable episode.  Still, there are better episodes this season and this one really doesn’t do anything for the major plot of this season, but it’s overall a decent episode.

Bad Eggs:  As these two cowboy vampire brothers arrive in Sunnydale to destroy the slayer, Sunnydale High School has a bit of a problem of its own.  The Scoobies have to take care of an egg in a parenting project.  All is going well until the eggs start to hatch and these creatures come alive and turn the students into mindless servants serving the giant creature living in the basement of the school.  Meanwhile Xander and Buffy manage to escape being taken over and now it’s up to them to save Sunnydale.

This was a fairly decent episode and the two vampire brothers seemed like they could have been some good villains for Buffy to face, sadly I don’t remember ever seeing them in another episode after this one.  This episode really just deals with the creatures from the eggs.  It’s a solid stand-alone episode and it is quite good.

Surprise:  With Buffy’s birthday coming up her friends decide to throw her a surprise party.  Meanwhile Spike and Drusilla decide to throw a party of their own as they get the parts to assemble this deadly enemy known as the Judge.  As Spike and Drusilla bring the Judge back they catch Buffy and Angel and offer them to the Judge.

This is one of the more memorable episodes of Buffy ever.  It’s not because of it being Buffy’s birthday or anything, but for the fact that this is the episode that we learn that Angel’s soul is no permanent.  We learn that if he experiences a moment of true happiness he will lose his soul, and as Angel experiences a moment of true happiness he loses his soul and now he will become Buffy’s most dangerous emeny ever.

Innocence:  Angel has lost his soul and he has teamed up with Spike and Drusilla.  Now as Buffy faces the Judge, she must also face Angel as he is now wanting to make Buffy suffer and he does this by going after her friends.

This is the first episode where we really get a glimpse at Angel’s dark side.  As he loses his soul we see him attack someone who is trying to help him.  Later we see Angel go visit Spike and Drusilla.  The Judge attacks Angel but can’t kill him because he has no humanity left in him.  This is one of the better episodes of this season and it only gets better from here.

Phases:  When a werewolf attacks Sunnydale it is up to Buffy to find out who it is, as it kills animals she must stop it before it kills a person.  Meanwhile a werewolf hunter is in Sunnydale after the werewolf because he wants to kill the werewolf to make money.  Buffy wants to kill the werewolf when she thinks it killed a girl, but once she finds out that the girl was killed by a vampire and that the werewolf is Oz, she must protect the werewolf from the hunter.

This is another stand-alone episode, but it’s one of my favorites of Season 2.  This is the episode where we finally find out some background history on Oz.  His cousin Jordy is a werewolf and his cousin bit Oz’s hand, so now Oz is a werewolf, but didn’t realize it until just recently.  Oz was always one of my favorite characters on Buffy and this is his most important episode and is one of the reasons why Season 2 was the best season of Buffy.

Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered:  It’s Valentine’s day and Cordelia’s friends are harassing her for going with Xander, so what does she decide to do on Valentine’s Day?  She decides to break up with him at the dance, now Xander wants revenge, so when he finds out that Amy is a witch he gets her to work up a spell to make Cordelia fall in love with him.  The only bad thing is that the spell back fires and instead it puts a protection spell over Cordelia and everyone else falls in love with Xander, and once they realize that he doesn’t want them they decide that they’d rather have him dead instead of having him with Cordelia.

This is another stand-alone episode and I haven’t seen this one since it first aired and I remember loving it.  So it was great seeing this episode again.  Like I said a few episodes back how it only got better from there, it still is getting better.  Xander ends up having Willow chasing him around with an axe.  One thing I found amusing in this episode is that Amy turns Buffy into a rat, well in Season 3 Amy gets turned into a rat and doesn’t get turned back until Season 6.  This was a great episode and there are only a few episodes left until we get to the amazing season finale.

Passion:  Angel decides to torment Buffy and her friends by leaving things for Buffy and killing Willow’s goldfish.  Meanwhile Jenny Calendar tries to find a way to restore Angel’s soul, and when Angel finds out he goes after Ms. Calendar and he kills her and leaves her as a present for Giles.  After Giles finds out he sets out to kill Angel himself.

This was probably the most dramatic episode of that Buffy has had at this point.  We get a commentary by Angel throughout the entire episode as he tells us about “passion.”  Ms. Calendar has been apart of this show since Season 1 and as soon as we discover that she is a Gypsy they kill her off.  This was a great episode and it just continues to get better.

Killed by Death:  When Buffy gets a bad case of the flu she is sent to the hospital.  There Buffy discovers that there is a demon in the hospital and is sucking the life out of the sick children.  Buffy also learns that her cousin, who died in a hospital years ago right in front of Buffy, was killed by the same demon that is still stalking the children and now it’s up to Buffy to stop it.

This was another stand-alone episode but had some really good things about it.  The villain was well thought up and really helped to make this episode a step above other episodes on other TV shows.  This is another reason why Buffy the Vampire Slayer is one of the best shows on television and why Season 2 was one of the better seasons it had.

I Only Have Eyes For You:  A ghost is haunting the halls of Sunnydale.  The ghosts reenacting when a boy and girl break up, and the boy doesn’t take it well and ends up shooting his girlfriend and then killing himself.  They are using the students at Sunnydale to possess so they can do this.  Now Buffy must find a way to make the boy learn that he was forgiven for this act or it will continue forever.

This is one of the more dramatic episodes and it places Buffy as being taken over by the guy and Angel getting possessed by the girl.  As Joss Whedon said, with the way that David Boreanaz pulled this part off this is where he realized that he could handle his own show.  So thanks to this episode we have the series, Angel.

Go Fish:  Something fishy is going on at Sunnydale as these sea-creatures are attacking the swim team.  Xander decides to go undercover and join the swim team to find out what’s going on.  As he does this he learns that the sea-creatures are actually the members of the swim team who are being turned into these monsters by the coach.

One thing I like about this episode is the creature effects.  I think that for a TV show they did a really good job with the way the creatures looked.  Plus, we get to see Xander as being the one to try and figure out what is going on.  This was a good stand-alone episode and it was a great break before we get into the two part season finale.

Becoming part 1:  Part one of the season finale as Angel tries to raise this demon who will bring forth the Armageddon.  As Buffy gets messages from vampires telling her something is going to happen, Kendra returns to Sunnydale to help stop the Armageddon.

This was a great way to start a season finale, but the one thing I didn’t like was that Kendra was only in two episodes this season.  It seems like they only brought her back to get killed, but I guess that plays into the storyline for season 3.  This was a great part 1 season finale, and the second half only gets better.

Becoming part 2:  The second part of the two part season finale is a big showdown between Buffy and Angel.  The police are after Buffy thinking that she killed Kendra while Xander gets a broken wrist and Willow is in the hospital.  Meanwhile Giles has been captured by Angel and Buffy finds help from someone she wouldn’t have expected, Spike.  Meanwhile Willow tries to restore Angel’s soul.

This one was and still remains my favorite season finale for Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  There have always been some good season finale’s for Buffy and the only one that really comes close to this one is season 5’s “The Gift.”  One thing I liked about this season finale is that it gives us hints for Season 3.  This was a great finish to a great season and the ending will only leave you wanting to see more and it’ll make the wait for Season 3 very difficult.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer started as a 12 episode replacement the year before, and now with Season 2 it gets its first full season.  Many shows start to weaken after their first season and in return get cancelled.  One thing I’ve noticed about Buffy the Vampire Slayer is that it’s gone through Season 6 so far and it still hasn’t lost its touch.  Season 2 was a huge improvement over Season 1, but both seasons are great.  We get a much more powerful and dramatic season finale in this season and this helps to make Season 2 one of, if not, the best season Buffy has ever had.  If you’re a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you have probably already seen this season, if not, I would recommend you checking out the short Season 1, and moving on to this season.  Buffy the Vampire Slayer doesn’t really go with many different plots throughout the season, it goes with one plot that lasts until the Season finale and this helps to make the show what it is.  This show is often better than many movies.  I highly recommend checking it out!  I give Season 2 a perfect 10 out of 10.

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Posted on June 2, 2008

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