Bride of FrankWhenever truckers go out to make deliveries, they find various people living on the streets, that they then bring back to their place of work, as helpers. Frank, who is the main character in this film, happens to be one of the people that got picked up as a helper by his particular company. Every day, he would wait for the truck to come and pick him up and then would be dropped off, into the streets with his only possession- a dirty, blue blanket. That didn’t last for long though, as the people at the company because very sorry for Frank and decided to let him stay in their office- they made him a crude apartment, as well. Frank is someone who is loved by all of his friends, but feels incredibly lonely- all he wants is a woman, especially one with “big tits.” He lives his days cleaning the office and looking after his five cats- who are all his “babies.” He has never had a girlfriend, so his friends decide to help him out. They place an ad in the local newspaper, saying that Frank is a hard-working, kind soul, who wants a woman with big breasts- Frank makes it very clear, throughout the film, that all he really wants is the breasts. What ends up ensuing is Frank meeting with various women and what ends up happening to him and to them, once he meets them. Will any of them be good enough for him? I had never heard of this movie until I received it in the mail, from Sub Rosa Studios. When I looked it up, I read that most people had liked it and that it was definitely not your normal type of movie- just like pretty much any other independent film. But, I didn’t know that this one was even more different than your average independent horror film, as it just focuses on a weird man, who has an obsession with large breasts, and will do anything to get them. I also don’t think I’ve seen an independent horror film that has as much character development as this movie did, which I liked. The acting was a mixed bag- the man who played Frank did a good job at portraying his character and even had me feeling sorry for him, at times, due to his situation. The men who played his friends/co-workers were not very good actors, nor were most of the women that he interviewed. Then again, this is an independent horror film, so I never expected great acting. Even though there was a lot of bad acting, the performances were still better than in most of the independent horror films that I’ve seen. Also, the directing was mediocre- there weren’t any very unique shots and some of the special effects that were used, kind of threw me off.

Overall, this is a movie that definitely isn’t for everybody- it’s very disturbing. A lot of the scenes, including the opening scene and some cannibal scenes throughout the film, disgusted me, which is a rare thing for a movie to do. I didn’t find the movie to be as good as everyone else seems to think it is, as I kind of became bored after a little while and I found some scenes to be quite ludicrous. If you like shocking, violent, character-driven, and disturbing horror films, than you should like this

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Posted on June 2, 2008

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