Book of Blood

Type: Horror
Display Date: May 8, 2009
Director: John Harrison
Scenario: John Harrison, Darin Silverman, Clive Barker (Book)
Image Director: Philip Robertson
Music: Guy Farley
Production: 2008, England


Jonas Armstrong (Simon McNeal) , Sophie Ward (Mary Florescu) , Paul Blair (Reg Fuller)


The presence of higher powers of nature and the event lasts for years trying to prove with her research.Dr. Mary Florescu, the theory captures an opportunity to prove their actual relevance. Very friendly and trusted colleague, Reg Fuller and unexplained murders  in Tollington

Dr. Florescu bring her trustable sdutent  Simon McNeal, a young very handsome and paranormal events in the past because of the personal and professional Mary’nin attention was on. To solve the dark secret  in Torrington Mary’s house hoping to take advantage of his power is medium. Research during the strange, terrible and unexplainable situations will encourage Mary’i about proof.

But it started in the passionate relationship between Mary and Simon’s indefinable in Tollington this strange house, this young and talented man direct residents. Mary lost the way home the point that the spirit of the invention will understand too late. The benefit of the way of Simon’s special power  very painful and terrible will be …

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