BoogeymanIt has been fifteen years since Tim’s father was sucked into the closet by the Boogeyman.  While on a trip to visit his girlfriend’s parents, he has a nightmare that something has happened to his mom.  Within moments of waking up, he receives a phone call confirming his nightmare a reality.  This leads him believing that he must stay in his old house for one night to face his fears.

First came They, then we got Darkness Falls, and now it’s Boogeyman.  Boogeyman does have a somewhat different take on those two stories, but a lot of similarities too.  I remember when I was a kid, one of the first scripts I wrote dealt with something along the lines of what is in this film, along with They and Darkness Falls, however it wouldn’t have been confined by a PG-13 rating.  On the cover of the box, Boogeyman is quoted as “The Scariest Movie – Ever!”  Is this something they do as a marketing theme and no one really said that, or has the person being quoted never seen a horror film before?

Visually, Boogeyman looks good.  It’s easy to tell that this was a Sam Raimi inspired piece due to the camera angles.  It’s very promising of director, Stephen Kay, to pull off what he did with that.  However, I did notice that some parts of the film seemed a bit over exposed.  I would have considered it a stylistic choice, but the scene on the swing set completely broke the 180.  There wasn’t any style used during that scene, so I can’t really argue that it was a stylistic choice for this piece.

Boogeyman, although does rely a lot on the camera work, does use a lot of creepy sounds to keep the film flowing, and it does move at a very good pace.  We get plenty of doors opening, floor boards creaking, and some things that classic ghost story movies use effectively.  I think with more experience, Stephen Kay will make a very creepy horror flick down the road.  I doubt the producer’s could have damaged this film, considering that Sam Raimi got his start in the horror genre.

Barry Watson did an excellent job in carrying this film.  Yes, he’s from the WB, but he really portrayed the dark persona of Tim’s character, well.

I think the biggest problem with this film was the ending.  It goes from attempted creepy moments, to a CGI finale that brings the audience back to Darkness Falls.  In the end, Boogeyman is just another ghost flick that will be forgotten after a few years.  It had the potential to do something, but it doesn’t.  Check your local video store and give it a rent if you’re in the mood for just another horror flick, just don’t expect much.  I give this movie a 4 out of 10.

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Posted on June 2, 2008

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