Blue VelvetWhen MGM first released Blue Velvet onto DVD, it left much to be desired.  Finally, listening to the pleading fans, MGM has released this stellar Special Edition.

Jeffrey Beaumont is returning home from college to visit his recently injured father and to help out in the family store.  While walking through a local field, he discovers a severed human ear.  Peaking his curiosity, Jeffrey takes the ear to the sheriffs department and launches an investigation of his own, with the help of young high school student Sandy Williams.  Jeffrey is able to link this ear to a mysterious woman and soon comes to the realization that his hometown of Lumberton isn’t the quiet, innocent town it appeared to be.

This movie is an absolute masterpiece.  From the crazy imagery to the dark downward spiral of the story and it’s characters, this movie seeps genius from every pore.  While not considered a horror movie, Blue Velvet is without a doubt horrific.  This can be credited to the fact that David Lynch creates a town so generic and realistic that everyone in the audience feels as if they’ve been there before.  Also adding to the film is the superb cast.  Isabella Rossellini is extremely convincing as a nightclub singer with a tortured soul and Dennis Hopper is terrifying as a drug-addicted psycho.  Blue Velvet is one of those rare movies that after watching, you’ll never forget it.

The video quality is absolutely gorgeous.  This is an extremely visual movie with a large array of colors.  Just check out the opening title sequence if you don’t believe me.  Hats off to MGM and David Lynch for doing such an awesome job with this transfer.

The sound is equally spectacular.  With a booming soundtrack and mesmerizing score, this is one of the better mixes that I have heard.  Lucky for us that it’s presented in Dolby 5.1 as opposed to MGM’s previous versions that were only in stereo.

Now we get to the best part and THE reason to pick up this DVD: the special features.  As with everything else, these extras are top notch.  First off, there’s the Mysteries of Love Documentary.  It takes the viewer on a journey starting with the first ideas behind making this movie and ending with the general reaction of the public after this film’s completion.  The documentary is made up of a combination of new and old interviews with old footage and pictures spliced in between.  This has to be one of the best making of featurette I have seen on a DVD and hope that MGM will continue with this formula for future releases.

Up next is the deleted scenes montage.  This feature was something that fans of the movie were highly anticipating.  Unfortunately, it misses the mark.  Before the montage even starts up, a blurb pops up saying that while attempts were made to retrieve these scenes, it is believed that they no longer exist. Still, they collected numerous pictures that were taken during these scenes and created a flip book effect with music from the movie in the background.  While MGM’s effort is greatly appreciated, the only people that will really fully enjoy this are die-hard Blue Velvet/David Lynch fans.

Also included is a small clip from the Siskel & Ebert TV show in which they review Blue Velvet.  While not exactly necessary for the DVD, I still found this quite amusing.

Last but not least is a photo gallery, trailers and a few hidden features.  The photo gallery is superb and features over 60 behind the scenes pictures, all of which are very interesting.  The hidden features are also very cool.  I’m not gonna spoil the surprise so you’ll have to find them on your own.

Overall, MGM has done an awesome job with this DVD and given Blue Velvet the special edition that it deserves.  Even if you own the older DVD, this edition surpasses it on every level.  You can even find it online for as little as $17.  Do yourself a favor and pick this baby up.  I give this DVD a 9/10.

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Posted on June 2, 2008

Category : Reviews


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