Bloody MurderIt has been five years since the murders at Camp Placid Pines.  Now a new group of camp counselors are preparing the closing of camp and as their last few days draw near, a killer is knocking them off one by one.  The soon believe that it is Trevor Moorehouse and now must find a way to escape before he kills them all.

The movie opens with a girl having a dream of her dead brother who was killed five years ago at Camp Placid Pines.  She then wakes up and we meet the rest of our cast.  The campers are gone and now all that’s left is a few counselors who have to close the camp.  That night they are all around a campfire and decide to play a game of Bloody Murder.  Two of them decide to play a joke on one of the other counselors and fake a death by Trevor Moorehouse.  Soon, the games aren’t funny anymore as the real Trevor arrives and starts killing each one of them.

From the very first scene I noticed this movie wasn’t going to be anything special.  The acting was horrible.  The characters were very underdeveloped.  I can’t even remember a single person’s name, other than Trevor’s.  There really isn’t much to explain about the plot of this film, if you’ve seen a Friday the 13th, then you will know what is going to happen.  There is some nice gore in this one though.  I heard the original didn’t have any.  I hadn’t seen the original and heard this one was much better.  Well, if this one is better, I will avoid the original at all costs.  I give this movie a 3 out of 10.

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Posted on June 2, 2008

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