Blood ReaperBlood Reaper is mindless entertainment at its definite finest; she screams, she runs, she’s caught, she dies. Rinse and repeat. It’s simple, and it’s a lot of fun. But when it comes to the actual aspect of horror that makes this film run on-end without any elements that scare or engage, I think it’s safe to say that there’s just no grim to this reaper.

A group of friends on a camping trip soon discover that their vacation of fun may leave them scared on the run. An old legend of a mysterious figure emerges every leap year when the moon is full, taking innocent campers and butchering them within the surrounding woods. Don’t ask why; he just does. Anyway, there’s a full moon tonight, and it just so happens to be a leap year. This startles the campers, and soon, the friends begin to disappear, but it doesn’t take long before their bloody remains are found slain across the countryside the next morning.

Now let’s get something straight here. It says in the movie that the ‘mysterious figure’ comes out at night when the moon is full. Correct? Okay, great. In the flick, a few of the surviving victims sleep through the night and awaken the next morning, and yet the ‘reaper’ continues his search and begins killing off the rest of them. This is two days after the moon was full. Now why would he resume killing these kids when he’s only supposed to kill at night? Heck, almost all of the murders happen during the day. This proves that the legend is indeed a big fat lie, and the ‘reaper’ needs to get his act straight before he causes even more plot holes. You hearing me, Reaper? Stick to the legend!

The script is obviously corny and clichéd, filling in the spaces of uneventful situations with pointless and rather horrendous dialogue, but I’m guessing this is supposed to build character development as well. I’m not sure. Anyway, the performances don’t help the fact that these characters are all one-dimensional – I blame a large part of it on the script. The acting is just terrible, and this ruins any expansion of liking that the audience has for these characters (not that we had any to begin with). So once the reaper-dude gets down and dirty, I was rooting for him every step of the way. When the end credits started rolling, I applauded. I really did.

The last ten minutes of Blood Reaper is the best part of the entire movie. It succeeded so well. Everything that didn’t work in the middle of the film is used towards the audience’s gratification to the remaining characters in the end. When the chick and the ‘reaper’ fight it out face to face, I was pumped up. The end result left me completely satisfied, and I felt that I had gotten my money’s worth. This is the only reason why I’m recommending Blood Reaper to you guys; you just have to do yourself the favor and wait an hour to see what I mean.

During that hour, you’ll basically get the most annoying of the characters standing around and screaming at God-knows-what. (This excludes one female character that actually has brains and uses them to her full capacity, meaning that when she is attacked, she actually runs). This is the only semi-suspenseful moment in the film, but it’s full of unbelievable twists and turns that just put the sequence to shame. With all that it could have been, it wasn’t.

The production values are on the verge of substandard, using the surrounding natural woods and rivers to make up for the lack of temporary assessment. However, it was a smart move of Lory-Michael Ringuette, the director of the film, to fill in some of the gaps in the movie with panoramic shots of the forest; this gives the audience the feel of isolation that these characters are pretty far from civilization. But, I do find it very odd that the shack that the ‘reaper’ lives in is just as big as the cabin the campers are renting out. Either the ‘reaper’ is running out of space for his corpses, or the campers have absolutely no taste when it comes to picking quality cabins.

In the end, it all comes down to taste. If you’re looking for an original work of modern filmmaking that adds new and daring territories to the horror genre, or maybe even a suspenseful thriller with some intensely clever moments, then you’re in the wrong direction. Blood Reaper is only recommended to those who find low-budget B-movie schlock entertaining. If this sounds like you, then Blood Reaper is your next gem. It certainly was mine. 4 out of 10.

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Posted on June 2, 2008

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