Now there are many different creature features out there in the horror movie world today and a few of these will riff on the ever popular ‘urban legend’ type of tale that borrows from folklore. Perhaps Bigfoot (or Yeti or even Sasquatch, if you prefer) is not so much an urban legend as a rural legend, but nonetheless there are plenty who believe that such a creature either could or does still exist today. There is some some success in the horror world of pulling off some similar types of stories with Creature from the Black Lake or even the Legend of Boggy Creek, but this is not really a movie like that. No, Blood Forest is set in the US state of Arkansas and all of the accents might be real, but is the story anything we might be able to buy into? Let’s take a look.

To start with, the movie itself is shot in a decidedly amateur fashion. That generally does not deter this reviewer, but when it comes to a creature movie there can be a big problem with a lack of budget. In this case, the lack of budget means that you are not going to actually get to see Bigfoot in action. Perhaps that could be seen as a spoiler, and had the film been done well, then it might be. However, in this instance it really does grind on the nerves because with this type of flick we want to be able to catch at least a glimpse of the beast lurking in the wilderness. Instead, we get a lot of allusions to a homicidal man ape that is running amok in the backwoods of Arkansas for no discernible reason. That leads to irritation more than curiosity. Pair this with the fact that the acting is just not very good and what we end up with is a very long winded film that does not really do justice to the legend of Bigfoot in the eyes of this reviewer nor many others on the web.

To make things even worse, we have the typical land deal that looks less than on the up and up, plus a sheriff who poses a problem and Native Americans who are not okay with what is going on. This makes for a rather limp tale. Perhaps Bigfoot might not be taken seriously by the masses, but some suspension of disbelief could do wonders in a movie setting. Unfortunately, we don’t get even the slightest relief from what is a very natural skepticism that the movie induces right away. Perhaps it is being overly critical of the movie, but there really were not very many points where it even attempted to save itself from being much more than a boring version of the Blair Witch Project with far too many shots of the creepy woods. This reviewer has long referred to Arkansas as America’s Transylvania, but even so – there needed to be some action. We need to be able to see the creature.

Sadly, this film can’t be recommended as one of the more stunning examples of underground horror cinema today.

Posted on September 19, 2011

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  1. HD Cafe

    7 years ago

    For me, Wrong Turn series are the most feared.

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