Blood and Black LaceAn unscrupulous business operating under the guise of a top fashion house becomes a murder scene after someone is pushed to the edge.  The saga begins when a beautiful model is brutally murdered, and her boyfriend, a known addict supplying her drugs, is suspected of the crime…but is he quilty or is someone waiting in the shadows setting him up?  As the killer goes through different victims, trying to silence everyone who comes in contact with the first victim’s diary, a police officer tries to home in on his identity.

When I saw this movie sitting on the shelf I at first didn’t think much of it.  The cover wasn’t to appealing.  It made it look like an old film that would be way out dated.  Well I noticed the title, “Blood and Black Lace” and I had heard people compare this film to Black Christmas, and how Black Christmas ripped this movie off.  I knew that this was a Mario Bava film, and since I hadn’t yet seen any of his works I decided to give him a chance.  So I purchased this movie.  When I got home and popped it in I was pleasently surprised.  It opens with a girl being murdered by a faceless killer.  The killer shows no mercy and is extremely vicious. The killer’s weapon is something unusual as well, it’s a glove with the end that is more of a claw.  With two blades on the top of the claw and the third blade at the bottom, forming into a claw.  The movie is very well paced, which is surprising consider it’s from the Italian horror genre, whereas most of those films I’ve seen the action doesn’t take place until the final 30 or so minutes.  This one starts in the first three minutes.  There is a decent body count and discovering the killer’s identity is almost impossible.  I didn’t find it to be a very scary film, but that could be because it’s almost forty years old, but it was a very entertaining film.  I highly recommend this movie to anyone who is a Bava fan, or just a horror fan in general.  I give it a 7 out of 10.

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Posted on June 2, 2008

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