Blade 2The vampires have more to worry about now than just Blade.  Because there is something new that is hunting them, something that feeds on both vampires and humans.  With the vampire’s last hope they offer a truce to Blade in hopes that he helps them to stop this new enemy.  Once this new breed of vampires, called a Reaper, has finished destroying all the vampires then it’ll turn on the humans because these Reapers need to feed every few hours and they are taking over at a fast rate.  The vampires are no longer at the top of the food chain and even with the help of The Day Walker, is it going to be possible for them to stop these Reaper’s before completely take over?  Stakes through the heart, silver, garlic, etc., none of that stuff works on killing these things, so how are they going to stop this deadly new enemy?

The movie opens in Prague, where a vampire named Nomak, who is actually a Reaper, goes into a blood bank.  While inside the doctors say that he has an unusual type of blood and as they try and strap him down, they let us know that they are in fact vampires themselves.  Little do they know that Nomak is a Reaper and once one of the vampire doctors grabs something it wants to use to cut into Nomak, Nomak begins to laugh and jumps up out of his seat, grabbing one of the vampires and biting their neck.  With this blood flies up on the wall.  Pretty soon we learn that Nomak hates vampires as he kills each and everyone one of these vampire doctors, turning them into Reapers.  Next up we meet Blade.  He is in search for Whistler, who was tortured by vampires in the first film.  When he killed himself in the first film, it was too late because he had already started to turn and it just healed over.  The vampires kept him alive for two years in a giant jar, so once Blade tracks him down he gives him the cure.  Later we meet Blade’s new partner, Scud.  Scud is now making the weapons for Blade to use while Whistler was away.  Soon a group of vampires find their way into Blade’s home and once inside Blade attacks them, but it turns out they were here only to make a truce.  They let Blade know about these new vampires, Reapers, and how that if he doesn’t help them they will turn on the humans once all the vampires are gone and once that happens the Reapers will take over the world completely.  So Blade is introduced to the Blood Pack, which is a group of vampires who have been specially trained to take down Blade.  So now they must use their skills along side Blade as they take on the Reapers.

If there is one sequel that is better than the original, this one is it.  This one has more action, violence, horror, gore than the first one does and it’s much faster paced.  There is really no boring parts like in the first one the film would slow down, but in this one we get non-stop action.  If Blade is fighting a Reaper, the Reapers are attacking someone else.  I was really glad to see how they brought Whistler back.  I remember hearing rumors saying that he would be an evil Whistler, but he wasn’t.  He’s still the same Whistler from the original film and they brought him back perfectly.  I knew right from the start of this film, when the Reaper named Nomak attacks those vampires that this film was going to be great, and once it starts it doesn’t slow down.  I figured that this would be pretty much just an action movie with gore, but it turns out there were some suspenseful scenes as well.  I found the scene when Scud was in the van with all those Reapers on it to be a suspenseful and really well made scene.  Even if you’re not a fan of the original, you will enjoy this one.  I expect this one to be in the running for the best horror film of 2002.   So if you haven’t yet seen it, give this one a look I guarantee that you will enjoy it.  I look forward to owning this one on DVD.  I give Blade 2 a 9 out of 10.

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Posted on June 2, 2008

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