Black ChristmasIn 1974 Bob Clark released his newest film, and one of the scariest ever to be released, Black Christmas.  It’s almost Christmas, and a group of sorority sisters are staying there for the holidays.  There’s Barb, played by Margot Kidder, who is the drunken sorority sister and really brings the humor into this frightening film.   Then there’s Jess, the pregnant sorority sister who wants to get rid of the baby.   Well, one night during a Christmas party the phone rings.  Barb answers the phone and they all hear the ravings of this mad man as he taunts them on the phone.   They figure it’s just a joke, until the phone calls continue throughout the holidays and the killer knows frightening facts about them, including Jess wanting to abort her baby.  Now the sorority girls are starting to turn up missing.  Have they just left without saying anything?  Does this crazed phone caller have something to do with the missing girls?  Who is this crazed phone caller?  Little do these girls know that the calls are coming from inside the house, as the crazed mad man stalks each one of them all while living in the attic.

This is the odd little horror gem that manages to frighten the audience time after time again.  The film, “When a Stranger Calls” is what gets credit for starting the myth of “A call coming from inside the house,” but infact “When a Stranger Calls” got its idea from this film that came out years before.  This one is about a psychopath who has moved into the attic of a sorority house and after every murder he calls downstairs and raves on and on.  This is one of the scariest movies of all time in my opinion.   I consider this one scarier then The Exorcist.  When I first heard about this film it was on TV really late one night.  I thought the title sounded cool so I decided to watch it.  Little did I know that I was about to see one of the few movies that can actually scare me.  This is one slasher movie that really messes with your head.  And if it wasn’t for this film, we wouldn’t have seen the classics Halloween, or possibly Friday the 13th.  I give it a 10 out of 10.

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Posted on June 2, 2008

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