Beyond Re-AnimatorEveryone’s favorite mad scientist is back and this time he is in jail.  After being turned in by his partner, Dan Cain, Dr. Herbert West has to spend the next thirteen years in prison.  While in prison, he has discovered a new serum, one that supposedly will calm down the re-animated corpses.  Now, with the help of his new assistant, Dr. Howard Phillips, Dr. West will continue his research.  Of course, like before everything goes wrong when the prison warden gets a hold of the serum and creates his army of re-animated corpses.

Young Howard Phillips is out camping in his backyard with a friend of his when his sister was attacked by a re-animated corpse created by Dr. Herbert West.  Dr. West is then turned over to the police and sent to prison, but not before he drops his last bit of serum.  Howard picks up the serum and keeps it for the next thirteen years.  After thirteen years pass, Dr. Herbert West is still locked away in prison.  A new doctor, Dr. Howard Phillips, has requested to join the staff at this prison in order to meet with Dr. West so that he can learn from him.  Once there, a prisoner has a heart attack and is brought into the emergency room.  There, Dr. Phillips isn’t able to save him, so he asks for Dr. West’s help.  Dr. Phillips shows West that he still has that serum that West left when he was captured.  The two decide to test it out on this prisoner, the result is a very angry re-animated corpse.  Soon, the warden discovers what West and Phillips are doing and he kills Phillips’s girlfriend.  The two then decide to re-animate her and use a new serum that West has created in order to make her more like a human again.  Things go terribly wrong when she doesn’t come back right and the warden gets a hold of the serum.  Now, there is a riot in the prison and the warden is re-animating the murdered ones.

I have always enjoyed the Re-Animator movies, and was pleased to finally get a new entry.  Bruce Abbott, who played Dan Cain in the first two Re-Animator films, is nowhere to be scene in this film.  He seems to have been replaced by a new character named Howard Phillips, played by Jason Barry.  Jason Barry didn’t do a very good job in replacing Dan Cain’s character.  Howard Phillips seemed to be a bit more of a psychopath than Herbert West is.  The acting in this film wasn’t as good as it could have been, except for Jeffrey Combs who steals the show.  I enjoyed both Re-Animator and Bride of Re-Animator and now we get Beyond Re-Animator.  Beyond Re-Animator seemed to move at a bit faster pace than Bride of Re-Animator and the end result was something that’ll leave you wanting Re-Animator 4.  Overall, Beyond Re-Animator isn’t as good as the original, but it’s definitely a welcome edition to the series.  Fans will love to see Jeffrey Combs back in the role he does best, and gore hounds won’t be disappointed.  I give Beyond Re-Animator an 8 out of 10.

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Posted on June 2, 2008

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