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2 month later.Year will be 2009 ; if you look back, so many horror movies released in 2008. People didnt like %70-80 of horror movies , because horror movie is so hard genre for movie creativity. i researched 2008 best horror movies for you.Many movies include horror scene but you dont say “this is horror movie”.so i excluded those movies.

Result: only 5 best horror movie in 2008 ;

1.Låt den rätte komma in (Let the right one in)


3.The Strangers


5.Dance of the Dead

all of them released in this year.i can advice those should watch it and you can share your review with us.

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Posted on October 31, 2008

Category : Reviews


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7 Comments → “Best Horror Movies”

  1. david

    8 years ago

    thanks for post.i will watch and share my review.

  2. [...] david: thanks for post.i will watch and… [...]

  3. wattaman

    8 years ago

    M8, I’ve just lost 1,5 hours of my life by watching Dance of the Dead. I can’t believe you call it “best horror movie” !!!
    If 2008 was a bad years for this genre, don’t write nothing, m8, instead of writing craps.
    Dance of the Dead was not better then Children of the dead, which was a D rated movie.
    However, since I’ve downloaded all five movies on your advice, I’ll watch them… of course, I’ll be back to criticize your site if those are pour movies, also.

  4. pyasi aatma

    8 years ago

    hi gaurav

  5. Anonymous

    8 years ago

    hi i loved and watch movie online

  6. guro

    7 years ago

    the strangers is the BEST

  7. Billy

    7 years ago

    Quarantine was CRAP
    Strangers was quite good.

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